Give us our stuff back and pay for the damage.

From the LinkedIn page of Robin Horsfall

Nov 18

40% of Ukraine’s power grid is down. We might equally state that in spite of Russian attacks, 60% is still functioning. The snow has arrived, so people are going to struggle to heat their homes and cook their food. The authorities will have to set up civilian sleeping and feeding areas until power is restored. It isn’t what Russia destroys that is important. It is how quickly Ukraine can repair and restore it that matters most.

On the other hand, Russian soldiers are getting very cold in badly constructed defences with poor quality clothing and food. Most of them are not trained to cope with winter outside. They couldn’t fight effectively in the summer so it is highly unlikely that they will do any better now.

Russia is losing an average of 500 killed every day. Killed, not wounded! Pundits and experts have calculated that Russia has lost 82,000 men dead since February. That is more than the whole of the British Army.

However, it is not the manpower losses that hurt Russia most, it is the loss of heavy weapons and ammunition. Russia has become the biggest contributor to the Ukrainian army’s war effort, with hundreds of armoured vehicles, tanks, artillery guns and hundreds of tons of ammunition ‘donated’ free of charge to Ukraine. This is very convenient as it is equipment that UA forces are familiar with. I’m sure that Ukraine will return it all soon.

It appears that Ukraine intends to continue aggressive actions into the winter so that Russian forces receive no respite or rest.

Zelensky’s terms for peace are simple; Go home, leave our lands and pay reparations. Two simple demands, give us our stuff back and pay for the damage.

Russia, to save 500 lives every day, all you have to do is go home.

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares

Robin Horsfall


  1. Good thinking as usual from Robin.
    He mentioned a horrendously low figure for the British army: 82,000. Liz Truss had promised a 50% increase. I don’t know whether Rishi will honour that commitment or not.
    We had 3m in the 1950’s and have been whittling it away ever since.
    I should point out that there are additional crack troops : The Royal Marines; 15,000 of them, who come under the jurisdiction of the RN.
    Plus the regular army has 28,000 reserves, making a total of around 120,000+.
    But that still needs to be DOUBLED, if we are going to protect our island and help our friends overseas.

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  2. “It appears that Ukraine intends to continue aggressive actions into the winter so that Russian forces receive no respite or rest.”

    This is the best strategy to do! UA forces are better trained and better equipped, and so the winter is on their side!

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