Enemy electronic warfare system destroyed near Nova Kakhovka – South Operational Command


In southern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military continue to inflict damage on Russian invaders. Over the past day, an enemy electronic warfare system has been destroyed near Nova Kakhovka, and an armored fighting vehicle – near Hola Prystan.

The relevant statement was made by the South Operational Command on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The situation within the control area of the Southern Defense Forces is tense but stable. Our units continue stabilization measures, gaining a foothold within the de-occupied areas, establishing fire control over the transport and logistic routes,  and the deployment of Russian occupation troops on the left bank,” the report states.

Russian troops are forcibly evacuating Ukrainian citizens and taking property away from the Kherson region’s temporarily occupied areas. In particular, they forcibly evacuated people from Novokyivka.

In Nova Kakhovka, a central city hospital shut down. All the medical equipment and ambulance cars were taken towards the temporarily occupied Crimea.

“The enemy’s losses are difficult to assess due to the remoteness of impact areas. Currently, a warfare electronic system has been confirmed as destroyed near Nova Kakhovka, and an armored fighting vehicle near Hola Prystan. The rest of losses are yet to be checked,” the South Operational Command added.

In the Black Sea, Russia’s naval group consists of seven warships, including a submarine carrying four Kalibr-type missiles.


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