Update from Ukraine Ruzzia hit Poland with missile by mismatching coordinates Here is the evidence!

Massive coincidence, or conspiracy theory from Denys? My guess is that Biden has chickened out of defending the red line he lay down the other week. Something stinks about this whole episode, I just hope the truth gets out.


  1. Here is a comment from the video. Very very interesting to say the least.

    “Hi Denys, I did more accurate research on the coordinates, and I found the exact ones used in the strike by back engineering! 

    POLISH TRACTOR: 50.44824127633573N 23.940730714788902E

    LVIV MILITARY AIRFIELD: 23.940730714788902E 49.816600N

    KYIV PRESIDENT PALACE: 50.44824127633573N 30.53746112E

    Please put these into google map with terrain layers ON, the result will shock you. It’s down to a few meters where the rockets was intended to strike. Maybe notify Ukranian officials, as this can be valuable information.”

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    • This really really pains me to say this…we are fucked. If it was a Russian missile fired by Russia there is no way on earth Biden will admit that regardless of the evidence, which the west will simply call it conspiracy theory. If it was Ukraine’s defense system the idiots who want to look for any excuse will condemn us regardless of the fact we were trying to protect ourselves. We are fucked no matter what!!!!

      And where is the west in condemning Russia to stop the genocide…crickets.

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  2. If this is Nato, Sweden and Finland should stay away. The West is shit! From immigration to Putin, Xi and Erdogan – a bunch of homosexual weak-ass losers, cross party-lines! Bah! Fuck off, really!

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  3. cmon…….wise up………Nato are doing this because nothing would suit Moscow more than to get escalation……….but dont worry, Nato will get its own back covertly and Russia will suffer the consequencs……what do you think has been happening so far?…….its Nato v Russia……with Ukraine as honorary member……while this conflict is ‘informal’ there isnt anything Russia can do without getting into deeper doo doo…….it cannot unilaterally declare outright war on NATO….it needs NATO to do that because only NATO has that capability to do ……..so now Ukraine will get its iron dome and only Russia can be blamed for that……whatever happens politically the most crucial thing is to make Ukraine impregnable…….and so far Biden and Zelensky have played a blinder………when you are going through hell……..keep going!!

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  4. I have seen the video too, but it is just one of many theories that are being spread currently, and I think they all make some sense.

    I do think some more research should be done. I am not overly afraid that Biden cannot backtrack, as he never said that there is any certainty on what has happened.

    However, if it is proven that Russia is indeed behind it, we have lost momentum so that is a shame.

    I am not convinced yet the S300 theory is bullshit: the wreckage did look like an S300 missile and it is within range of SAM sites near Lviv and also Ukrainian S300 missiles are all way older than shelve life, as the newest missiles are probably from 1991.

    They have been using a lot of missiles, so it is not unlikely that they have launched one which was faulty, as they are probably using missiles that are many decades old.

    I think we will find out the truth, especially because Poland would definitely tell if Russia did launch the missile.

    Russia is responsible either way, so I think we should punish them as if they have launched the missile on purpose.

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