The Hague’s decision in the MH17 case: Girkin, Dubinsky and Kharchenko are guilty, Pulatov was acquitted

Victoria Gordienko16:49, 11/17/22

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They were sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment.

The court in the Netherlands found Kharchenko, Dubinsky and Girkin guilty / photo UNIAN
The court in the Netherlands found Kharchenko, Dubinsky and Girkin guilty / photo UNIAN

The Hague Court found guilty three suspects in the case of the crash of the Malaysian flight MH17 in 2014 in Donbass, namely Igor Girkin (Strelkov), Serhiy Dubinsky and Leonid Kharchenko.

“Ghirkin, Dubinsky and Kharchenko are sentenced to prison. According to the court, their actions led to the plane crash. They are guilty of murdering 298 people. They plead guilty,” the court said during an online broadcast.

The court sentenced them to life terms in absentia.

The court decided that the fourth suspect in the case – Oleg Pulatov – is innocent.

“No criminal liability is imposed on Pulatov, as on other defendants. Pulatov is declared innocent on both counts on which he was suspected. Thus, the request of the prosecutor’s office to put him in prison is rejected,” the judge said.

The trial took place in the absence of the accused. They are wanted internationally. The Dutch prosecutor’s office demanded life imprisonment for all four. 

As DW writes , during the trial, the remnants of the liner and the missile that hit it, with a unique serial number, satellite and radar data, as well as photo and video recordings of the alleged weapon of the crime – the Buk anti-aircraft missile complex – were shown in court. – transported to the place of the shot and back. In addition, the prosecution presented to the court testimony and intercepted telephone conversations between the suspects involved in the MH17 crash.

What is known about those involved in the MH17 case

  • Igor Girkin (“Strelkov”) is a retired officer of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, a former colonel of the FSB, a citizen of Russia. At the time of the downing of the plane, he called himself the “Minister of Defense” of the so-called “DNR”.
  • Serhii Dubinsky  (“Growy”) is a Russian soldier, colonel of the GRU, a citizen of Russia. Dubinsky was a key figure in organizing the transportation of the “Buk” from Donetsk to the site of the alleged launch of the missile.
  • Leonid Kharchenko  (“Krit”) is a citizen of Ukraine. In 2014, he was the commander of one of the “DNR” intelligence units. He is believed to be involved in the transportation of the “Buk” to the launch site.
  • Oleg Pulatov  (“Gyurza”)  is a  reserve lieutenant colonel of the Russian Airborne Forces. The investigation believed that he participated in the transportation of the “Buk” through the occupied territory, guarded it, and at the time of the launch of the missile was next to the air defense system.

It will be recalled that today the court of The Hague announced the verdict in the case of the destruction of the passenger plane flight MH17 over Donbas in 2014. He has already ruled that the  plane was shot down by a Buk air defense missile launched from territory controlled by the Russian-controlled DPR militants. Buk air defense system that shot down MH17 was brought from Russia

Case MH17: details

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down on July 17, 2014 over the Russian-occupied territory of the Donetsk region. All 298 people on board died. Most of the dead (196 people) were citizens of the Netherlands.

In August 2014, an international investigative group was created, which included representatives of Russia. In July 2015, Russia blocked the UN Security Council’s proposal to create an international tribunal to investigate the MH17 crash.

In 2016, the International Investigative Group officially published the results of the investigation into the crash of Boeing Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, according to which the plane was shot down with a Buk air defense system that was delivered to Donbas from the territory of Russia.

In 2019, the Netherlands placed Girkin on an international wanted list as a person involved in the downing of Boeing MH-17.

At the beginning of 2020, the Dutch prosecutor’s office indicted four suspects in the case of the crash of flight MH17 over Donbas.

As  Bellingcat reported , investigators managed to establish that the Buk anti-aircraft missile system, which shot down the Boeing, came from Russia and crossed the border on its own, that is, it was carried by a truck. It was also possible to identify 12 people involved in the case, but not all of them were involved in the downing of the plane – someone played the role of an informant. In total, according to Bellingcat, about 20 people were involved in the downing of MH17.

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