Putin unleashes new blitz on Ukraine

Warning : there is an absolutely shocking dashcam video of this hideous terror attack embedded into the article:



  1. The video embedded in the article perfectly encapsulates the sepulchral evil of the putinazis. Depraved, brutal, merciless and horrific.
    By God let this be the moment that the entire civilised world wakes up, acts as one and says : “finish putler by Christmas. By any means necessary.”

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  2. Volker on the Poland missile :

    “Kurt Volker, former US special envoy to Ukraine, appeared to throw his weight behind Zelensky yesterday evening – saying Kyiv has ‘very sophisticated’ missile tracking systems and ‘knows what’s going on.’ Though he did not specifically endorse Zelensky’s version of events, he called for Ukraine to be included in the missile probe.

    ‘The Ukrainians have very good data collection — they have good radars, they track every single missile, I’ve been to their headquarters where they do this,’ he told the Washington Examiner.

    ‘They know what’s going on. I’m sure the Poles do as well. I’m sure we do as well. So the Poles and Ukrainians need to sit down with their experts and look at their data … and come up with what they think actually happened.’

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    • The putinazis will once again be exposed as black-hearted, cold-blooded terrorists.
      BUK operators under the command of nazi terror boss Girkin, blew up M17. He boasted about it on VK when he thought he had successfully murdered Ukrainian soldiers in a transport plane. When he found that he had successfully murdered innocent civilians, he deleted his post. Ukrainian security recorded a phone call between two orc officers. Their repulsive and guttural Muscovy accents gave them away; one was “Strelkov” aka Girkin.
      The kremkrappers started concocting all sorts of bullshit: it was an MI6 false flag, a Mossad/CIA false flag etc; all reported in mainstream press, but it didn’t “stick.” Then the arseholes came up with a detailed story about a real Ukrainian airman; Captain Voloshyn. He was claimed to have brought M17 down with his SU 25. MailOnline covered the story as if it was real.
      Of course it was bullshit. US satellite intel proved that no Ukrainian aircraft were in the vicinity and in any case an SU 25 is an air to ground attack aircraft that doesn’t have the capability to do what it was alleged to have done.
      The Captain was hounded by kremtroll press and mainstream press, who tracked him down.
      He later took his own life. He was a sensitive guy and the stress may well have contributed to his death.
      I hope all this comes out and Strelkov, putler and co get their just desserts.
      So, by inflicting yet more terror today, all those scum are doing is reconfirming their status a a genocide/terror state.

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    • It will be interesting to see the full text.
      It has no weight in law and is in the form of an ultimatum from a nazi regime.
      Effectively it means surrender or die.
      I don’t see how the Budapest signatories can keep staying out now.
      Nato and the UN will issue “strongly worded statements” and that will be it.
      There has got to be a NFZ now.
      Girkin and his bum chums were convicted today, for what it’s worth.

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