Enough is enough!

From FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Bill Delamar

Nov 17

Enough is enough!

The attack on Ukraine that resulted in deaths in Poland never would have happened except for Russia’s reckless attack on the Ukrainian people. IMO this attack should invoke NATO’s Article 5. An attack on one is an attack on all. NATO needs to insist that Russia withdrws all troops and fires no more missles or bullets. Once they have withdrawn the discussion of lifting sanctions and reparations can begin. All monies for Russian goods should go to a third party and split maybe 20% for Russia and 80% for Ukraine until the country is rebuilt and those who have lost family compensated. Of course, all Russian war criminals should be turned over to be tried for their crimes. If Russia refuses then the military force of NATO should go into Ukraine and into Russia if necessary and destroy the Russian military.


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