Due to enemy missile attacks, many Odessans were left without electricity, heat and water: Trukhanov urges to remain calm  

Odessa mayor Gennady Trukhanov appealed to the townspeople about large-scale outages of electricity, water and heating.

The mayor explained that this crisis situation has developed as a result of massive missile attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure facilities.

“As a result of missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine, the entire energy system of the state is operating on the verge of its capabilities, in an emergency state. In order to stabilize and balance the energy system, emergency shutdowns of energy consumers are carried out. This leads to some difficulties in the operation of the energy supply of the city and everyday life, ”Trukhanov noted.

He urged the inhabitants of Odessa to treat the circumstances with understanding and patience. Specialists from DTEK and Infoksvodokanal are working around the clock to eliminate accidents and to resume the operation of the city infrastructure as soon as possible.

“Dear Odessans! In this difficult time, I ask you to remain calm and understand what is happening in the city and the country as a whole,” the mayor added.



  1. I am in Kyiv now. I understand the need for the military checkpoints in case russia tries infiltrating with spies, but I don’t think Liudmila would have a problem with getting through those. So far, there’s been only one power outage, and no airstrikes or missile attacks that I know of. I don’t want to pressure her into meeting me, but I also still don’t understand why she feels threatened by trying to. If I could arrive and move through the city, then she could too, and more easily, in knowing the situation better.

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