“Dozens of these”: Ukrenergo showed a transformer that was hit by a Russian missile

The company clearly demonstrated the situation in Ukraine’s energy system after massive Russian attacks using a simple example.

Ukrenergo showed a photo of a transformer hit by a Russian missile / photo t.me/Ukrenergo
Ukrenergo showed a photo of a transformer hit by a Russian missile / photo t.me/Ukrenergo

Only on November 15, Russian missiles damaged 15 energy facilities in Ukraine, and thousands of kilometers of main high-voltage lines are not working. This infrastructure is necessary for the production of electricity from power plants and transmission from the western regions to the east, that is, throughout the country.

As Ukrenergo said, more than 1,000 specialists work 24/7 to restore the power system, patch what can be patched and replace what can be replaced.

In order to maintain the stable operation of the power system in such conditions and to avoid even bigger accidents, Ukraine is forced to resort to forced restrictions on consumption – up to 40% across the country. Now the graphics are used all over Ukraine.

“Such measures can be compared to the work of a traffic controller during traffic jams. If repair work is ongoing on the highway, the traffic controller stops the movement of cars on one side, and allows others to pass. This is the only possibility to pass through a narrow road under such circumstances. While drivers in the traffic jam are angry with the traffic controller , repairmen are restoring the road”, – they cited the example of the energy industry.

At the same time, Ukrenergo showed a photo of a transformer at one of the large substations in western Ukraine. When the rocket hit it, about 400,000 people were left without electricity.

“There are now dozens of such transformers in the power system. This equipment cannot be replaced quickly, but the energy industry is doing everything to restore power in the country,” the company emphasized.

So far, power engineers have already restored power to about 70% of consumers in some areas of the central region and prepared high-voltage lines for connection in the western and Dnipro regions. In the de-occupied Kherson region, repair crews of “Ukrenergo” together with sappers inspect high-voltage lines. There, the speed of work is restrained by the densely mined territory.

“With each attack, power outages can last even longer. Hitting the power system is the only thing left for the enemy to lose the battle to the heroic armed forces at the front. This requires endurance and courage, both from the energy workers, who have to constantly repair what was destroyed by the enemy, and from every Ukrainian who has to change their way of life. Endurance and courage are what we will need this winter if we want to win,” Ukrenergo said.

Russian strikes on the energy system of Ukraine

Russia continues its missile terror of Ukraine, deliberately striking our energy system. So, on October 10, 2022, the Russian Federation launched attacks on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. The lights began to be turned off in all regions  . In just one day, 30%  of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure was damaged . 

On October 22, the occupiers again  massively hit  the territory of Ukraine with rockets.  1.5 million subscribers  in seven regions of Ukraine were left without electricity.

On October 31, as a result of shelling, power stations were  damaged, hydropower and heat generation facilities, and  problems with electricity and water supply arose.

On November 5, an emergency shutdown of the electricity supply was introduced in seven regions of Ukraine   .

On November 15, Russia  launched 100 missiles on the territory of Ukraine . It was the most massive shelling of Ukraine’s energy system since the beginning of the war. Due to the mass attack of the Russian Federation  , emergency blackouts were introduced in a number of regions of Ukraine.

On November 17, 2022, the Ministry of Energy announced that Russia is trying to  stop Ukrainian nuclear power plants . 

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, called the strikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine the most  powerful weapon that remained in Russia.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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  1. A war on electricity cannot bring victory. Only a war on troops and military equipment can achieve that. It’s a good thing that the ruskie monkeys cannot comprehend this simple concept.

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