Czechia to train up to 4,000 Ukrainian troops


The Czech government intends to train as many as 4,000 Ukrainian troops over the next year.

That’s according to Czech Defense Minister Jana Cernochova, Reuters reports, as seen by Ukrinform.

“The training would be done in five four-week cycles with up to 800 troops attending each, and cost 975 million crowns ($41.60 million),” the Defense Ministry said.

Ukraine has shown interest in training of mainly mechanized battalions and medics, engineering and chemical troops, Cernochova said.Read also: Czech Chamber of Deputies recognizes current Russian regime as terrorist

The Czech Republic will also send 55 troops as instructors or members of command structures of the planned EU training mission in other EU member states.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, the European Union foreign ministers at a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday approved the launch of a training mission for 15,000 Ukrainian servicemen, and also agreed to provide an additional EUR 500 million to fund arms supplies to Ukraine.

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