USA, Netherlands and Czech Republic are working together to provide Ukraine with modern tanks, – Austin


The United States of America, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are working together to provide Ukraine with modern tanks.

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said this during a meeting of the Advisory Group on the Security of Ukraine at the Ramstein Air Base, Censor.NET informs with reference to Espreso.

Austin also spoke about 7 countries that have either already handed over the promised equipment to Ukraine, or have promised to allocate it as well in the process of delivery.

“We understand the role of gathering this contact group, because it is very important for us to coordinate the support that Ukraine needs. We understand that 7 countries have either already handed over the promised equipment or promised to allocate it, and now it is in the process of being delivered. At that time, the USA, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are working together to deliver modern tanks to the Ukrainians. Also, the next package of defense aid is being discussed in the US,” the official said.

According to Austin, the world sees the success of the Armed Forces and should support Ukraine in the future.

“We are also implementing an industrial program on behalf of Ukraine, involving the work of the contact group. We foresee an increase in support for Ukraine and will continue to train the military, as well as provide additional defense equipment. With our support, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now able to defend their territory. We see what successes they are achieving, so we need to help and support that kind of courage,” Austin said.

The Minister also added that the partners should do more than they can to meet the needs that are currently arising in Ukraine, in particular, to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity and heating.

We will remind you that on November 16, the seventh meeting will take place in the Rammstein format.

The sixth meeting of the heads of defense departments in the “Ramstein” format, which included about 50 countries, took place in October in Brussels.

According to the results of Ramstein-6, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley publicly identified the main priority of providing assistance in the creation of an integrated anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system of the Ukrainian sky. Source:



  1. Let me guess; a handful of refurbished T-72s, sent from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands, to Germany, to Poland and then to Ukraine, sometime mid-2023.

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    • Sounds about right, but I sure hope it’s not all like that. Ukraine needs those tanks now. Hope it’s not just upgraded T-72s though those come in handy.

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