Ukraine informed US about attempt to intercept missile near Poland – CNN


The Ukrainian military has told the US and its allies that it tried to intercept a Russian missile near the impact site in Poland.

As Censor.NET informs, RBC-Ukraine reports this with reference to the comment of an American CNN official.

It is not yet known whether this anti-aircraft missile is the same missile that struck Poland, but this information formed the basis for the current US assessment.

As reported, on November 15, during a massive missile attack on Ukraine, 2 missiles fell in Poland, killing 2 people. It became known that US intelligence confirmed the strike by Russian missiles on Poland. In turn, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called the information about the fall of Russian missiles in Poland “a deliberate provocation for the purpose of escalation.” The United States, Estonia, and Lithuania have declared their readiness to defend every inch of NATO territoryLatvia, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine also joined their statements. Source:

On the same day, at an extraordinary meeting on the evening of November 15, the Polish government decided to increase the army’s combat readiness. NATO Secretary General Jens noted that NATO is monitoring the situation in Poland. In addition, on November 16, Stoltenberg will gather the ambassadors of the alliance member countries for an emergency meeting to discuss the events in Poland.

Later it became known that the President of Poland Andrzej Duda discussed the explosions in Poland with Stoltenberg and Biden and is convening the National Security Council.

It was also reported that due to the fall of missiles on the territory of Poland, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, will initiate a coordination meeting with the leaders of the member states of the European Union, who are currently participating in the G20 summit in Bali.

On the night of November 16, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland emphasized that a Russian-made missile fell on the territory of Poland. Source:

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