NATO aircraft tracked missile that crossed into Poland

16 NOVEMBER 2022

A NATO aircraft flying above Polish airspace on Tuesday tracked the missile that landed in the country.

SourceCNN, quoting a NATO military official

Quote from the NATO official: “Intel with the radar tracks [of the missile] was provided to NATO and Poland.”

Details: NATO aircraft have been conducting regular surveillance around Ukraine since the Russian invasion began. The aircraft flying above Poland on Tuesday was monitoring events in Ukraine.

The NATO official did not say who launched the missile that was tracked landing in Poland, nor where it was fired from.

Previously: US President Joe Biden said that preliminary information suggests it is unlikely the missile that caused an explosion in Poland on Tuesday and killed two civilians was fired from within Russia.


  • Russia launched a large-scale missile strike on Ukraine on the afternoon of 15 November. Several Russian missiles crossed into Poland, landing not far from the Polish-Ukrainian border. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland has urgently convened a meeting of the Committee of the Council of Ministers for National Security and Defence.
  • AP reported earlier that US intelligence sources have confirmed that Russian missiles entered the territory of Poland, where two people were killed. However, the Pentagon has not officially confirmed this version of the events.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland has said that a Russian-made missile fell on the territory of the country on the afternoon of 15 November.
  • US President Joe Biden spoke with President Andrzej Duda of Poland and offered full US support for and assistance with Poland’s investigation.
  • In an address on the night of 15–16 November, President Andrzej Duda of Poland said that Warsaw has not confirmed who launched the missile that landed on the Polish territory but has said that the missile was Russian-made.


  1. Unless those missiles suffered malfunctions in their guidance systems, it makes no sense that they are Ukrainian. Every cockroach air attack comes from, or potentially comes from, a half-circle, ranging from north (Belarus) to east (mafia land) and southeast (Black Sea). Thus, any anti-missile system should fire at those directions. In addition, Ukrainian air defense systems should be located along possible approach paths, and not so far west.

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