Genocide sponsors

From the LinkedIn page of Yana Rudenko

Nov 15, 2022

Thanks to these businesses (and not only these), #russia launched 100 missiles today targeting civilians’ infrastructure 

🩸 Pegasus Airlines
🩸 Emirates
🩸 Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mitsubishi Electric – Factory Automation EMEA
🩸 Patreon

By working on russian market or with russians: 

  1. companies pay taxes there = direct sponsorship of terrorism 
  2. companies agree and share values and actions that russia and russians do.
  3. companies show russia and russians that everything that is happening is just fine.
  4. companies maintain the lifestyle of russians, so russians don’t consider that they do smth wrong. 

This kind of business shows its values and attitude not only to Ukrainians but people from all over the world. 

Business is another moral pressure that might be made on russians but they don’t do it. Meanwhile, in russia, people are happy: “they return to us, they NEED US, everything is just fine”. 

russianwarcrimes #russianaggression #russia

ukraine #ukraineunderattack #standwithukraine

corporatevalues #corporatesocialresponsibility #csr

One comment

  1. We see that the morals of many countries and many companies on this globe are in the gutter. They destroy our planet for a buck, so what is an innocent country that gets massacred? A buck is a buck.

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