From the FB page of Oleksii Arestovych

Nov 16

(Translation by FB software)

  • Do not expect NATO’s furious military response to Russian targets.

It all depends on how NATO answers the question:

  • Was the blow deliberate or not?

Of course, if it was deliberate, then this is a reason for consultations on the application of Article Fifth – on collective defense.

Note – not for war, but for consultations.

If the verdict is “unintentional blow”, it is most likely a court, compensation.

Russia has already taken the traditional path of denial and transferring the blame to Ukraine, saying that it is “… Ukrainian air defense missiles fell on the territory of Poland.”

Distant consequences, in the form of increased sanctions and expanded weapons supply to us, are more likely.

Anyway, this incident is a new strong argument in their favor.

You can only keep the war in control and prevent it from spreading around you by force.

This is the power we have.

Give us enough funds.


OPINION: from Tatiana Goncharko of Stand With Ukraine :


There is no doubt that the provocation was deliberate. The Russian missile was not shot down over the territory of Ukraine, it did not land there by accident, as it flew more than a dozen kilometers deep into Polish territory before it was able to be diverted. The target could have been either Polish energy infrastructure or Ukrainian border facilities, but the fact remains that Russia deliberately used Polish airspace and conducted a maneuver that could have been an attack on the territory of a NATO member state.

As long as Ukraine has to defend the airspace of its allies, statements in the spirit of “we must deal with it” sound impudent. Equally arrogant are the thoughts that it is the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that is to blame for this incident, that it was a Ukrainian missile that killed Polish citizens, although it exploded in the air.

Not only provocative, but also clearly threatening incident should not remain unanswered. We hope that our allies understand that the lack of response will only provoke Russia to further aggression against NATO member states, and that Ukraine is one of the few countries that can defend not only itself but also help its allies. It would be good if our partners would publicly acknowledge this in the future.

Live Ukraine

🗣️Foreign Minister Kuleba offered NATO to hold a summit with the participation of Ukraine, as well as to provide it with aviation and air defense to shoot down any Russian missiles

Tatiana Goncharko:

❗️The Polish Foreign Ministry called the Russian ambassador and confirmed that the fallen rocket was Russian-made

The head of Polish diplomacy, Zbigniew Rau, summoned Russian Ambassador to Warsaw Sergei Andreev to the Foreign Ministry demanding “immediately give detailed explanations” about the “Russian-made missile” that hit Poland.

The communiqué of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the first official confirmation from the Polish authorities that the missile that hit Poland last night was fired from Russia.

Live Ukraine


  1. In other words, he expects the usual Nato response: pointless, useless words.
    What should happen is what should have happened in late 2021, when it became clear what putler was doing:
    1/ Massive 24/7 shipments of air defence equipment, with full, permanent tech support.
    2/ Budapest signatories providing full air and sea support for Ukraine.
    3/ massive 24/7 deliveries of heavy artillery and long range ballistic missiles.
    Provide Ukraine with the means to inflict the same damage on Belgorod and Rostov as Russia did to Mariupol, only even worse.
    On the economic front, Russia must be choked off: total Russian travel ban, total trade embargo, total seizure of all Russian assets in Europe and North America, expulsion of all Russians from those territories and 100% tax on the Russian profits from the last five years on corporations still trading in Russia.
    In law: warrants for arrests of the entire kremlin murder gang, its propagandists, its military leaders and the custodians of putler’s cash. Charges: systematic, pre-planned genocide, torture, rape, thieving and marauding.
    Declaration that Russia is both a terror regime and a genocide regime.
    All Russia’s allies, including the BRICS, must be sanctioned until they bleed.

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    • One thing we know for sure is the Putinazis do not like to fight. Kill, yes; fight, no. They bark and bark like crazy but when the other dog comes they run away yelping with their tails between their legs.
      Allies need to start listening instead of expelling worthless platitudes. Giving Ukraine 1% of your stocks is not much support considering the front line of freedom is at stake and it’s not in Belgium it’s in Ukraine.

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