Dmytro Kuleba


    • Nova Odesa FB page just posted an interesting comment:

      (Translation by FB software) :

      One last battle

      The last battle of the war will not become the battle for Donetsk, Luhansk or Crimea. The last battle has started now and it’s the battle for surviving winter. Putin can not expect a military victory after retreating from Kherson. Even if you imagine that he is constantly fooled, you can no longer be fooled in the case of such retreats. Obviously, in addition to Donbass, Russian troops go to defense operation. More so until it’s even clear what offensive operations they can claim next year, given the state of equipment and ammunition.

      Therefore Putin’s last battle is winter. He is hoping to break us down. No light, no heat, no connection – this should force us to agree on his terms. In this battle, not only zsu are participating. Everyone participates: civilians, women, children, pensioners – absolutely everyone living in the country. And it will determine the outcome of the war.

      So don’t wait for support from the state, volunteers, international organizations – organize your plan for winter. Do not have any illusions that there will be light or warm that Putin will stop or the air defense will hit 100 % missile. In this battle, victory depends exclusively on each of us, and his preparation for it. At least we already have a good forecast for a warm winter. But you shouldn’t expect it either.

      With the first spring rays, Putin’s last hopes evaporate with snow. And the only thing he will have to do is accept our terms of surrender. – Andrusov

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      • “…victory depends exclusively on each of us…” Very true! Personally, I know nobody in Ukraine who wants to give up. Living in the dark and cold is preferred to living in ruskie mir. Speaking of cold, a mild winter would be good for the civilians, but also for the ill-equipped cockroaches. A cold winter would be terrible for them, but also for the civilians (UA forces are well-equipped). What should we wish for?

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