Biden: Missile which hit Poland was Ukrainian

US president Joe Biden said during his visit in Indonesia that the missile which hit Poland was a Ukrainian air defense missile.

Poland earlier reported a Russian missile hit its territory. At least one civilian was killed.

Meanwhile 10 million Ukrainians are left without power as a result of Russian strikes.

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  1. Why would a missile move west if the ruSSian missile came from the southeast??? And why does Poland/Nato not have a missile defense shield??? Does this mean RuSSia can strike Nato members through ‘open skies’??? Unbelievable!

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    • The suspected rashist KH-101 most likly came from Belarus so from N/NE.
      Interceptor missile looks to have been N/NE of Lviv.
      Poland/Nato do have missile defense shields, however they were not on high alert. Poland is changing that by gearing up certain units.
      Copy of a video I posted earlier:

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    • I was thinking about the same thing for the whole day, Mike. Unless the missile’s hardware or software went completely bonkers, it makes no sense at all.

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  2. Whether the missile was Ukrainian or russian is immaterial. Had the orcs not been attacking civilian infrastructure in the first place, none of this would have happened.

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    • Rishi said the “most important thing” to recognise in the wake of the attack is that Ukraine is being forced to use missiles to “defend its homeland”.

      “It is having to defend its homeland against an illegal and barbaric set of strikes by Russia,” …..

      Piss—cough said “it’s nothing to do with us.”

      Yeah, apart from prosecuting genocide and barbarous attacks on energy infrastructure in winter. Nazi degenerate.

      Someone; maybe Rishi, needs to say to Zel:
      “You are not alone. We will not let putler win. Accordingly we are going to send :
      1/ a squadron of Tornadoes; with ground support and trainers. They will carry long range missiles as well as bombs.
      2/ another huge tranche of heavy artillery.
      3/ several brigades of mechanised troops will go to Kyiv.

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  3. I think Biden is right unfortunately, as it is most likely a S300 missile that can only travel at a maximum of 120 km. (75 miles).

    So it was launched about 20 km from the Polish border. So probably the missile was launched near Lviv.

    It cannot be Russian, as Russia is located too far from where the missile landed (if it was a S300 missile).

    Still I think Russia is a 100% responsable.

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    • Belarus is less than a hundred kilometers from the crash site. Some variants can travel to around 200 km and one even 400.
      I agree that even if it is a Ukrainian S300, it’s all mafia land’s fault! 100%!

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  4. Russia claimed the closest target to the Polish border was 35km. Having had a good look at the map, there is nothing of any importance located so close. Lviv is 70km away from the Polish border, Lutsk is over 100km and the only other city close to the Polish border is Kovel, over 60km away. Other than those 3 cities, the rest are just small villages. So just what was the russian target? Something is not right about all of this.

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