Biden called “unlikely” missile launch from Russia on Poland (video)

Olga Robeyko, Anastasia Pechenyuk08:24, 11/16/22

2 minutes.14798UPDATED

Earlier, representatives of Ukraine and Poland said that the explosion in the village of Pshevoduv occurred as a result of the fall of a Russian-made rocket.

Biden made a statement on the missile attack on Poland / Screenshot
Biden made a statement on the missile attack on Poland / Screenshot

US President Joe Biden, after an emergency meeting with world leaders in Bali, commented to reporters on the missile attack on Poland.

The video commentary of the American leader was published by the White House website , and the text of his statement is quoted by  The Guardian .

So, Biden called it “unlikely” that the rocket that fell in Poland was fired from Russia. “I want to make sure we figure out exactly what happened… Then we decide on our next step,” he said.

Asked if the missile was fired from Russia, Biden said:

“There is preliminary information disputing this. I don’t want to talk about it until we do a full investigation. But based on the trajectory, it’s unlikely it was released from Russia, but we’ll see.”

Also, the US President called “absolutely shameless” Russian missile strikes on Ukraine.

Updated (8:25 a.m.):  Three U.S. officials told The Associated Press that preliminary estimates indicate that the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian missile during a massive attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Rocket attack on Poland 11/15/2022

On the afternoon of November 15, the Russian Federation launched a massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine, it was reported that two missiles fell on the territory of Poland, killing two people. After that, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki urgently convened a Committee of the National Security Council .

The Polish Foreign Ministry said that a Russian-made rocket fell into the country.

Duda said that he did not have exact information about who exactly launched the rocket that fell on the territory of Poland.

Biden called an emergency meeting with world leaders who had gathered for the G20 meeting in Bali because of the bombings in Poland . It was attended by the leaders of America, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, Italy, France and Great Britain. All but Japan are members of NATO, a defense alliance that also includes Poland.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. It’s definitely Russian, but there is now a theory that it was fired by Ukrainian air defences. If that theory turns out to be true, I hope and believe that Poland will not blame Ukraine.
    Firstly, ALL the bloodshed is down to the kremlin fascist murder gang.
    Secondly, the tardiness of the allies in supplying adequate air defences for Ukraine meant that they had to use old Russian shit to defend themselves.
    It’s a tragedy for the families of the victims and a reminder to Polish people of the terrible losses Ukraine suffers every day to Russian savagery.
    Poland has modern air defences that were recently upgraded. Now would be a good time for them to enter this war to help their neighbour. Could they be persuaded to send a division of troops?

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      • The media all hoped that the missile came from Ukraine and are relieved that initial findings suggest that it did. Ukraine have been forced to use their stock of BUKs because they have not been given enough modern defence equipment. Apparently they had a lot of success using them. But of course they are all 30-40 years old and RuZZian too; so misfires will happen.
        Mainstream media are all so relieved that it appears that only Ukrainians will continue to be murdered and they can all carry on with their lives knowing that Ukraine is still alone doing all the fighting against a huge, savage fascist power.
        Media people can be pretty disgusting. They are all excited and pleased that Sweden and Finland will become Nato members but more than happy to keep Ukraine out.
        Never in history has a nation of people that so richly deserved the support of the entire world been let down so terribly.

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  2. In light of fact it is still being investigated, don’t rightly see how Biden could say it was unlikely ruZZian. Two missiles are probable in this incident (picture of only fragment I’ve seen so far could be either), the S-300 and the KH-101 belonging to rashists. KH-101 likes to fly low, and even when intercepted can cause quite a blast over point of contact. If just an errant S-300 I don’t believe Polish will hold that against Ukraine. They know damn well that Ukraine is fighting for it’s life and freedom against rashist’s genocidal war on Ukraine. Let it serve as a wake up call that allies need to be more urgent in supplying Ukraine as well as ramp up to high alert status of all NATO. Some sort of response will have to be made by NATO other than just talk if it was a KH-101 from rashists in Belarus. I’m still up for a NFZ, surge of troops/support teams, provision of aircraft, and ATACMS, but not holding my breath.

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