Ukrainian Military Defeat Kadyrov Tiktok Unit

“Tiktok troops” showed their losses after the battle


In one of the directions in the south, the AFU defeated the Kadyrovtsy. Because of this there appeared seriously wounded and killed among them.

Naturally, the Tiktok troops could not keep quiet about their “feat” and posted a video “for the sake of accountability” on the Web.

The footage shows the position of the Kadyrovtsy immediately after the battle with the Ukrainian armed forces. Several of them were seriously wounded and writhing in pain, their comrades with cameras running around and filming their suffering “for the record”. The “cameraman” also filmed the corpses of soldiers from his unit for some purpose.

“Those Kadyrovtsy who didn’t have time to escape decided to fight, but they forgot that they weren’t filming TikToks,” commented the AFU StratCom.

“Those who didn’t have time to escape decided to fight, but forgot that it’s not Tik-Tok filming. Our guys increased the number of holes on their carcasses.”


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