Russia was engulfed in riots of the mobilized, even generals began to be attacked: new details


The situation in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is heating up every day: isolated cases of protests by the mobilized have already turned into real riots. The newly minted occupiers, before being sent to the war in Ukraine, staged a “dark” for the commanders: the general was kicked out of the military premises, and the lieutenant colonel was beaten.

“Shake the regime!”

In Kazan, the mobilized staged a riot because of “bestial conditions”, for which, of course, they were not ready. There was no firewood at the tank range to make a fire, and the “mobiles” were not even brought water and food. The last straw was the issued rusty machine guns.

An angry crowd of mobilized people surrounded the tent where the general and officers were, and demanded that the commander “get out.” Expressions were not chosen.

“C’mon, c’mon, get the fuck out of here”, “Pe-**-ras!” the mobilized Russians chanted.

When the general left the tent and tried to start a dialogue, the mobilized began to throw various objects at him and chanted “Nah * y!”, And also “Shake the regime!”

As a result, the general was kicked and he quickly left.

Humiliated? Wipe yourself!

Another riot recently took place in the suburbs (in Kubinka) in the Patriot park. There, one of the mobilized, who are being prepared to be sent to Ukraine, first cursed the commander of military unit 95370 in obscene form, and then completely hit him.

The mobilized told the Lieutenant Colonel that instead of actually preparing for combat operations, they were taught to walk in formation and shoot at imaginary targets. Also, the soldiers were furious due to the lack of necessary equipment.

“Are we going to march in formation at war? This is profanity, imitation of firing, imitation of exercises,” one of the mobilized said, accompanying his speech with obscene language.

He also humiliated the commander of the military unit, and then, to the approving exclamations of his colleagues, demanded that the officer pull his hands out of his pockets and hit him. In response, the lieutenant colonel could only say: “This should not be done.”

This is just the beginning

The situation in the Russian army is heating up every day. Most of the mobilized do not receive even the most necessary equipment (for example, helmets and bulletproof vests), and there is nothing to say about training. Many cases are already known when, less than a week after receiving the summons, “mobiks” ended up in Ukraine.

According to an OBOZREVATEL interlocutor in Ukrainian intelligence, the main reason for the riots is still not the lack of equipment or disgusting conditions.

“The huge losses of the invaders on the territory of Ukraine, which, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, have already exceeded 82 thousand personnel, do not add optimism to the mobilized Russians. They already understand that they are being thrown into the war, in fact, like “cannon fodder. The only way for them to survive is to avoid mobilization,” the officer says.

Whether such local riots in the Russian army will develop into something more, time will tell. One thing is known for sure: the Armed Forces of Ukraine, meter by meter, will liberate the occupied territory and destroy the enemy.


  1. The German word Schadenfreude comes to mind when reading this sort of report.

    Too bad these sorts of things don’t happen a lot more and across mafia land and across their front lines. Maybe it eventually will.

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