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Nov 15

⚡️ Another victory on the diplomatic front!
The UN urges to hold Russia to account!

A very demonstrative resolution was adopted yesterday, which opens the way to freezing and confiscation of Russian property and funds in all civilized countries of the world!

The document stresses that Russia should be held to account for violating international law in Ukraine and “must bear legal consequences for all its internationally illegal actions, including compensation for damages and losses caused and by the actions “.

The resolution also recognizes the need to create an “international refund mechanism”.

The world clearly distinguishes good from evil. No one is looking for excuses and explanations for the horror the aggressor is committing against our people and our country.

Thanks to all the 94th UN member states who voted “FOR”!

We continue to work on all fronts!


  1. 94 have some integrity.
    Those who voted no or abstained: you are scum: almost as verminous as the putinazi genocide gang that you like so much. Fuck you assholes!

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