“I will beat them myself”: a Ukrainian woman complained about collaborators who met the occupiers and escaped punishment. Video


Residents of Ukrainian cities and villages freed from the occupiers are dissatisfied with the fact that they have to live next to collaborators whom no one is going to punish. Some are even ready to deal with the “supporters of the Ruskie Mir” themselves.

The corresponding video appeared in Telegram channels . On it, the residents of the village, which was under occupation, complain about injustice. They are outraged that not all collaborators were punished (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).

“Supporters of “Ruskie Mir” are still in the village and no one touches them – they changed their shoes, as they say. Those who held referendums were taken away, And those who fed the occupiers, kissed them and rode on armored personnel carriers, all of them, cattle, are sitting at home and no one does anything to them,” the women said.

Ukrainian women say that they cannot live next to those who betrayed their homeland and helped the enemy.

“And how can we live after this? If I know that they met them and they will live with me?! You see, our state pushes us to commit a crime. I can’t stand it, I will beat them myself. I can’t live with that person in the village,” says the woman.

Women complain about injustice and call for the collaborators to be punished according to the law.

“Let one woman tell me how they came to see her. She says, ‘These are my nephews.’ Buryat nephews, Degestani nephews, or Russian nephews? There, a whole bunch of people came to visit them and they fed everyone. And now they live as if nothing happened and no one does not. Where is justice? Where are our laws?” – women complain.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, a farmer who fed the occupiers and helped them with equipment was exposed in the Kyiv region.

The SBU also exposed the leaders of the occupying “mayor’s office” in the Kherson region, who forcibly distributed Russian passports.



  1. Not related, but last night on FB, a Ukrainian woman in a recently liberated town in the Kherson region, was telling how russians broke into her house uninvited. They come to steal everything they thought was valuable. Looking around the kitchen, they saw a safe, and demanded the woman give them the combination. The”safe” turned out to be a multi-cooker.

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