From Nova Odesa FB page

Nov 14

(Translation by FB software) :

Zsu will not accept any negotiations, agreements or kompromísív, – Zaluzhnij.

“We will not stop on this path under any circumstances. The condition for negotiations is one – Russia has to leave all occupied territories “.



  1. FB pundit Tony Cowards commented last night :

    “So the situation in Ukraine appears to be changing faster than anyone not on the ground there expected.

    It now seems likely that Ukrainian troops, especially Special Forces used the chaos of the Russian retreat from Kherson to cross the Dnipro/Dnieper estuary onto the Kinburn Peninsula.

    Now this is important for several reasons, 1) it gives Ukraine a bridgehead on the “Russian” side of the river, just north of Crimea and 2) it should allow them to position Neptune antiship missiles within range of Sevastopol which, along with the successful drone attack a couple of weeks ago, means that the Russians will struggle to resupply Crimea by sea.

    The Kerch bridge has already been hit and it seems ever more likely that the Ukrainians will be able to cut off almost all of the Russian troops in Crimea and, effectively starve them over the harsh Winter.

    The Russians have already had to move their airbases and logistics hubs further and further back from the frontline because of the range and accuracy of the HIMARS rocket attacks.

    I expect Ukraine to increase their strength on the Kinburn Peninsula and carefully push towards Melitopol in the East. If they can secure the land north of Crimea then it means that a Spring offensive to drive the Russians out of Crimea could be a possibility.”

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    • I don’t think AFU are going to be too worried about the winter, especially in Crimea where it is usually above freezing. Sometimes people talk about a freeze, can’t move or a strategic pause and regrouping. I’m no expert but I’m not buying the freeze, especially on the AFU side, they want this done.

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