About the Anglo-Saxons, theft and a painful end: Medvedev burst into hysterics after the decision of the UN General Assembly on reparations


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev burst into hysterics after the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution requiring Russia to pay reparations to Ukraine. He gave out that Western countries want to provide a legal basis for the seizure of Russian assets in favor of our state.

Medvedev wrote about this in his Telegram channel . He traditionally called representatives of Western states “Anglo-Saxons”, the seizure of the assets of the Russian Federation – “theft”, and the politician considers their arrest illegal.

“Let them accept the same recommendation on the full compensation of the United States for damage to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia and other numerous victims of the Americans and NATO,” Medvedev also said.

He criticized the UN, saying that the adoption of this resolution is “the beginning of the death throes” of the organization as the main international institution for reconciliation. The deputy head of the Russian Security Council also tried to intimidate the international community.

“The end (UN – Ed.) will be painful for the entire international community. We will live without such an organization” United Nations “…” – he wrote.

Recall: On November 14, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that requires the aggressor country Russia to pay reparations to Ukraine. 94 states voted for this decision.

Representatives of 14 countries opposed, 73 abstained.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, earlier Medvedev tried to justify the flight of Russian troops from Kherson and started talking about the battle with NATO. He also reminded the Russians of the “results of this year.”


  1. Funny!
    It’s safe to assume that all of mafia land is now in panic-mode.
    But, will someone please hand this monkey a loaded pistol, so he can finish the job he set out to do not so very long ago?

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