What countries have given the most heavy weapons to Ukraine?


What countries have given the most heavy weapons to Ukraine?

2022/11/13 – 11:21 • ANALYSIS

Article by: Volodymyr Dacenko

2022/11/13 – 11:21 • ANALYSIS

Article by: Volodymyr Dacenko

NATO countries have transferred 1.4-3.6% of their heavy weapons systems to Ukraine. The US has given the most, but its stocks are the largest, too. Czech Republic is Ukraine’s most loyal ally in terms of proportion of items given. While initially hesitating, Germany’s role is greater and greater. But some well-armed NATO countries are not in a hurry to supply anything. 

Ukrainian analyst Volodymyr Dacenko has sharedhis analysis of what countries have transferred the most heavy weapons to Ukraine as it fights against the Russian invasion in twitter.

For the analysis, he used data from the visually confirmed military losses project Oryx, the Military Balance, and the Kiel Institute.

The list of analyzed countries that have supplied heavy weapons to Ukraine includes:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Poland
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Portugal
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • and NATO as a whole.

How many Western countries have weapons and how many of these weapons were transferred to Ukraine during the eight months of the war against Russia?

NATO transferred 1.4-3.6% of its heavy weapons systems to Ukraine. The highest percentage is for artillery – about 3.6%.

The need for artillery remains the most acute because Ukraine has minimal stocks of shells for Soviet artillery systems of 122/152mm caliber.

The transition to NATO artillery began in April. And in half a year, Ukraine received about 400 artillery systems of 105/155mm caliber.

The US transferred the most systems – about 200 units. But this country also has the largest reserves of artillery among NATO countries.

The total number of artillery in the US arsenal and stores:

  • 1,523 self-propelled guns
  • 2,151 howitzers
  • 800 HIMARS, M270, and ATACMS.

The Czech Republic and Great Britain became the most generous suppliers of artillery. The Czech Republic transferred about 40% of all its artillery systems to Ukraine. Great Britain – 25%.

NATO countries transferred about 1.4% of their armored vehicles to Ukraine. Here, too, the largest supplier is the USA – more than 1,140 units. But in relation to its stockpile of weapons, this is 0.8% of all armored vehicles that the United States has.

The Czech Republic appears to be Ukraine’s most loyal ally in supplying its weapons. It transferred 30-40% of all the systems it had.

It is worth paying attention to how the role of Germany in the supply of weapons has changed. If at the beginning of the war this country refused to supply heavy equipment. Now its role is quite high and Germany transfers a large part of what it has.

However, among NATO members, not all countries are in a hurry to transfer heavy weapons. For example, the most armed NATO countries include TurkeyGreece, and Romania.

I did not include the weapons that Turkey sells to Ukraine here, because this infographic is about aid.

Greece is one of the largest operators of armored vehicles and artillery. It has more than 1,200 tanks and 1,200 artillery systems.

Moreover, these are the systems that other countries transfer to Ukraine – the M109 and PzH 2000 self-propelled guns, the RM-70 and M270.

Greece delayed the delivery of 40 BMP-1 for four months because it insisted that Germany should first supply it with the Marder IFV in order not to “weaken the defense capability” of its army.

At the same time, Greece has more than 1,800 IFV M113, against the background of which the loss of 40 old BMP-1 are unlikely to affect the country’s defense capability.

Romania is the largest operator of MLRS M270 in Europe – 54 systems. But none was supplied to Ukraine. In general, this country has so far limited itself to supplies of ammunition and small arms.

Deliveries of heavy weapons are not the only military aid that Ukraine receives. Western allies also give Ukraine shells, ammunition, portable systems, small arms, military uniforms, and more.

But now Western heavy weapons systems are gaining more and more importance on the battlefield. They are gradually replacing damaged and worn-out Soviet equipment that cannot withstand intense, prolonged battles.

Ukraine’s transition to NATO arms in this war is inevitable. But NATO itself will have to look more and more into its stocks and plan new orders for the production of modern weapons. After all, this war showed that only force can guarantee peace.

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  1. “The Czech Republic and Great Britain became the most generous suppliers of artillery. The Czech Republic transferred about 40% of all its artillery systems to Ukraine. Great Britain – 25%.”

    Romania : you are a shit neighbour and cheap bastards. Especially bearing in kind that you were one of the axis powers who never even paid reparations for the massacres of innocents in Odesa.

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  2. They left Russia off the list. Russia is now the country that has supplied the most heavy equipment to Ukraine. Granted that it was abandoned or otherwise captured, but still, they have been the greatest donor.

    Liked by 3 people

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