Ukrainian defenders liberate the Kinburn Peninsula, control the Dnieper Bay and aim at the Left Bank

The Defense Forces continue to build on their success in southern Ukraine.

There are reports of the landing of our units on the Kinburn Peninsula – according to unverified reports, the defenders reached the administrative border of the Nikolaev and Kherson regions, raising the flag in the village of Geroiskoe.  

Apparently, they have taken full control of the Dnieper Bay: four Russian boats, which are located somewhere in the delta, are firmly locked up and are unlikely to ever leave the base (except under Ukrainian flags).

And finally, Oleshki, on the left bank of the Dnieper. The Ukrainian authorities are hinting that something interesting is going on there. It is unlikely, of course, that we are talking about physical liberation, but the city has definitely been abandoned by the Russian occupiers. Now, as far as is known, they are concentrated in the Oleshkovsky Sands, a sandy massif located southeast of the settlement. They say that a whole fortified area was built there.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces has not yet given any information about what is happening on the Left Bank and in the Dnieper Bay.



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