NATO Military Staff welcomes Ukrainian cadets

14 Nov. 2022

On 14 November 2022, the Cooperative Security Division of the International Military Staff (IMS) welcomed a group of Ukrainian cadets to NATO Headquarters for briefings on NATO-Ukrainian military cooperation. The cadets were officially welcomed by the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer.

Welcoming the cadets, Admiral Bauer voiced his admiration for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who have been relentlessly and bravely fighting and pushing back the invading Russian forces. “Your strength and resilience have astounded the world. You have fundamentally changed modern warfare. We see it in the lightning speed and effectiveness with which you are using new weapons. And we see it in your strategic vision and practical, tactical brilliance. You outmaneuver your opponent time and time again, making impressive and encouraging progress”, he emphasized.

For the last 25 years, NATO has been committed to its partnership with Ukraine, providing training, support to defense reforms and encouraging interoperability. Since the start of the Ukrainian war, NATO Allies and Partners have stepped up their practical support and the delivery of essential aid. “Today, 50 Nations are supporting Ukraine with lethal, non-lethal and financial aid.NATO Allies are supplying advanced systems, including artillery, air defence, and armored vehicles; mobile satellite communications systems; equipment to counter chemical and biological threats as well as fuel, winter clothing, medical supplies and paramedic training. Our support shall remain unwavering and will last as long as it is needed”, underlined Admiral Bauer.

The 25 Ukrainian cadets, selected from all nine Ukrainian Military Academies, were then introduced to NATO, its structure and core tasks. They were also briefed on the role of the IMS Cooperative Security Division, as the lead for all military cooperation within the NATO-Ukraine Partnership and on NATO’s Partnership Mechanisms and Tools. The visit was organized within the framework of the “Military Committee with Ukraine Work Plan” and aims to build awareness on the military-to-military partnership between NATO and Ukraine.

The group then headed to SHAPE to receive some complementary briefings on military cooperation, before travelling to the Ardennes, where they analyzed WWII military engagements to draw lessons that can be applied today. “This is ultimately the reason for your visit to Belgium – to study and analyze past engagements, and identify your own lessons… that could apply to combat today, and that you could use in your future careers”, concluded Admiral Bauer.


  1. “Your strength and resilience have astounded the world. You have fundamentally changed modern warfare.”

    Very true, these words, and the rest of Admiral Bauer’s statement too.
    And, no doubt, these Ukrainian cadets are the stars in NATO headquarters, admired by everyone, simply due to the terrific fighting of their military seniors.

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    • But they aren’t impressed enough to give Ukraine a MAP…
      Not to sound negative but IMO NATO had ONE purpose and they shied away from it in 2014 all the way up to today. They could have said, “We won’t let Ukraine in at this time, but…” And then listen all the equipment and support Ukraine would need to defeat the Moscow monkeys. They had 8 years to form a plan. Isn’t that what they do?!

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      • Fuck NATO. The way that things are going, why does Ukraine need a NATO membership? If I had something to say, I would give them the finger … after mafia land’s defeat. Look at some of its members and look at the way Ukraine was treated. If anything, they should ask if they can join Ukraine!

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