Gaidai told how partisans work in Luhansk region


Serhiy Gaidai / photo

Ukrainian partisans are working on the occupied territory of Luhansk region .

They inform the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the movement of equipment and personnel of the occupying forces, as well as about the placement of enemy warehouses, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Gaidai, said in an interview on  Dmytro Gordon ‘s YouTube channel .

“We also have cases when the occupiers woke up in the morning, and a huge amount of the settlement was plastered with leaflets either against the occupiers or simply in support of Ukraine. We had examples when distribution cabinets were set on fire on the railway. They could not be restored for some time, so trains could not be moved from one direction to another,” he said.

Gaidai also reminded of a partisan who threw a Molotov cocktail bottle at the headquarters of those mobilized in the village of Artema.

“The guerrilla movement is working in Luhansk region. Maybe in some regions a little more, maybe somewhere else. But, thank God, that such a movement exists and it is useful enough for the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” – emphasized the head of the OVA.

The situation in Luhansk region

Earlier, Gaidai reported that 11 settlements have already been de-occupied in Luhansk region. He explained why the Ukrainian army is advancing in this direction not as quickly as in others.

A few days ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a high-precision strike against the positions of the Russian army in the city of Girske . According to the General Staff, 27 Russian invaders died as a result. 

In October, the Security Service of Ukraine identified 30 local collaborators who joined the occupying “law enforcement agencies”.

According to the head of OVA, it may take about seven years  to restore Luhansk region  .

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