Ukrainian fighters showed a Russian “weapon”, with wire affixed, which they captured after the destruction of the enemy. Video


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

The Russian occupation troops, who imagined themselves to be the “second army of the world”, came to fight against Ukraine with rusty weapons. On the destroyed positions of the enemy, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine found a machine gun held together with wire.

However, even an attempt to “modernize” weapons with wire did not leave the enemies any chance. This is reported by the Telegram channel OBOZREVATEL (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).

The so-called “weapon” of the Russian occupier was covered with rust, and instead of a tactical belt, a wire was screwed to the machine gun.

On the video, the fighters noted that the positions of Putin’s terrorists, on which they found a “valuable trophy,” were bombed.

“Another Russian ‘no analogues’… Putin’s army of poverty and ridicule,” the description of the video reads.

Recall that the Russian invader army for almost a full 263 days of the war against Ukraine lost 80,860 soldiers and a significant amount of equipment and weapons. Just the day before, our soldiers eliminated 650 invaders and eight enemy artillery systems.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian invaders near Kherson suffered huge losses in equipment and manpower. They complain about the constant fire damage from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine destroyed the enemy , who was advancing in the Donetsk direction. They burned a tank and two infantry fighting vehicles of the invaders.


  1. Compare the weapon the Ukrainian fighter has with the ruskie junk! If you think that the cockroach army is in a wretched state, you’re right. Although, “wretched” is beginning to become an understatement.

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