Ukraine’s high-precision strike: 2 truckloads of dead Russian soldiers removed from building

 13 NOVEMBER 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have carried out a strike on a building where up to 500 Russian military personnel were deployed; two truckloads of Russian soldiers killed in the strike have been removed from the building.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote: “It has been confirmed that [Ukraine’s] defence forces have struck a cluster of Russian occupation forces in Kherson Oblast.

A high-precision strike on a building in the vicinity of Dnipriany where up to 500 occupation soldiers were deployed has been struck as a result of a high-precision attack.”

Details: Following the strike, Russian forces took two truckloads of dead soldiers to the city of Tavriisk.

In addition, 56 soldiers with severe injuries have been hospitalised in the nearest hospital; 16 of them died in hospital. Final information regarding Russia’s total losses has yet to be confirmed.


  1. Looks likely we will be breaking the 80,000 killed barrier sooner than I expected.

    It would be nice to get up to 150,000 by the time it all ends in late Spring.

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      • Plus maybe another 50,000 or so crippled beyond repair?
        Who knows? What we can say is that putler, being a psychopath, will not lose a moment’s sleep. Indeed, he and his murder gang may well be planning a big offensive for the spring that could include Kyiv.
        Totalitarian regimes can take massive losses and the pathetic sanctions being imposed are but a minor nuisance.
        Brian Whitmore says that this shit has another year to run.
        He must be proved wrong: real sanctions, criminal RuZZian money seized and put into Ukraine hands and much, much more military assistance is needed.

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        • Fuck Scradge, I knew we were close to the 80k but to pass it is good news.

          The permanently crippled will become a huge drain on moskali resources over the coming years, or should do, however I expect that no money or benefit will be given once those in power discover how much it costs.

          Dumb fucking moskali will just accept it as if it is normal.

          You can’t believe they are stupid enough to allow this to continue, but as they are all sociopaths and are making a fortune from it they don’t give a fuck who or how many die or get crippled.

          I remember as a Boy, how common it was to see men with one leg or one arm, men who had obviously been in the War (2nd you cheeky cunts) and now as they have all died off it is very rare to see an Amputee.
          Go to moskovia in a few years and it will be unusual to see a man with all his limbs.

          Lets face it, moskovia is fucked, will be fucked and will stay fucked for as long as they continue to start wars.
          How to make them realise is the hard part.

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          • Here in the States amputees are still common. Most are fairly young. I do remember the WW2 generation, however, and their handicaps resulting from combat.

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    • Looks like the Cargo 200 drivers are very busy in Ukraine as they should be. Welcome to Ukraine hope you enjoyed the fireworks and crowded Cargo 200 van ride back to your shithole. Next up, the Kobzan concert…


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