This is not the time to negotiate with Putin!

Robin Horsfall. November 13, 2022

Ukraine’s armed forces have kicked Russia out of Kherson, they have not kicked them out of Ukraine. I get frustrated when I hear mainstream ‘experts’ saying ‘it might be time to negotiate’. That is what Putin wants. He needs time, and Zelensky must deny him.

In the meantime, Ukraine advances to the Dnipro. They will set up their long-range artillery and force Russia back from the south bank of the river. HIMARS and 155mm ammo will hold the advantage here. The Russian army is in disarray they have lost huge numbers of trained soldiers and their replacements would rather surrender.

There is no immediate need for Ukraine to cross the river but they will need to secure the Kherson dam at some point. I anticipate a concentration in Luhansk where Ukraine can outflank the Russian defences in Donetsk.

Russia is retreating but not yet defeated. They must be finished off, – and then they must pay for their crimes. They must be eternally sorry they invaded a sovereign state, looted homes and murdered Ukrainian people.

Now is not the time to ‘negotiate’. Now is the time to increase the military pressure so that Ukraine can recover all of their lands, – permanently!

It Putin wants negotiations, first his armed forces must all go home!

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares

Robin Horsfall


  1. As usual, Mr, Horsfall has got it right. Ukraine is winning, thus this is NOT the time to negotiate. Ukraine wanted to negotiate back in March and April, but mafia land had set too many harsh demands. Now, it’s time for Ukraine to be harsh. It must defeat the cockroach army completely. Each orc must be expelled from Ukrainian soil. Mafia land must pay for its crimes, death and destruction.

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