The coup d’etat in Russia is already tied up and is already seething – Podolyak (video)

The adviser to the head of the OP believes that the Russian Federation is bursting at the seams, as it is not able to talk normally with its people.

Russia is bursting at the seams / photo REUTERS
Russia is bursting at the seams / photo REUTERS

In Russia , there is a systemic rapid process of disintegration. This does not mean that hundreds of thousands will march on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow tomorrow. 

As adviser to the head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak noted in the new issue of the Argument program , the society has concluded an invisible pact with the Russian state of the delegation of its rights and freedoms.

“In response, they promised absolute security and a sense of a “great” country, but in fact people are sitting in poverty, toilets are on the street, there are no career opportunities. Previously, the state sold this, but now people understand that these were abstract myths. It is bursting at the seams, because he is not able to talk normally with his people,” Podolyak is sure.

According to him, the Russian Federation is not able to clearly explain to its citizens why the “great state” is losing to small Ukraine, which fiercely defends its freedom. The disintegration is on the rise.

“Repartitions and mutual accusations among the elites, the search for successors are beginning. Now Prigozhin is actively proving to everyone that he is proportionate to Putin and after some time will be ready to replace him. Everyone is waiting for one of the manifestations of democracy, when people take to the streets, but in Russia this will happen there in one moment what happened in Kherson – the authorities will scatter. Then spontaneous processes of governance will begin there for an indefinite time. Patriotic channels in Russia have changed their rhetoric. They say that Ukraine needs to be destroyed, but these same channels show that “Putin is an absolute loser. He is an outsider who failed. A subject named Dugin said that the tsar should pay for the failures with his life. This is an extremely important symptom of disintegration in all directions,” Podolyak said. 

A coup d’état in the Kremlin is inevitable. It will be like an escape from the Kharkiv or Kherson region, Podolyak is sure.

“This is not even a question of a state, but a question of an intra-elite coup. It can take place faster than everyone expects. use rockets a little and “pull” Iran. This coup d’état is already tied up and is already seething, “says the adviser to the head of the OP.

Revolution in Russia: what is known

Journalist and blogger Michael Nucky has previously stated that discontent among mobilized Russians is growing in the Russian Federation , but it is not yet known whether this will develop into a coup.

 Interior Minister Advisor  Anton Gerashchenko  is sure that the possibility of  overthrowing Putin from the presidency as a result of a coup cannot be ruled out. For this, more Russians must die.

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  1. “Interior Minister Advisor Anton Gerashchenko is sure that the possibility of overthrowing Putin from the presidency as a result of a coup cannot be ruled out. For this, more Russians must die.”

    A LOT more ruskies must die before that happens!

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    • The former GRU officer who writes under the pen name “Viktor Suvarov” said they were afraid to issue ammo to the troops for range qualification as they didn’t know if any of the troops would discharge that ammo on their officers instead of the targets. When the officers are afraid to issue the standard ammo issue to the troops as a result of that fear, the end has been reached.

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  2. Given the intensely failing economic situation in russia, I expect that the long-term outcome of this may be one of two things. Ukraine may get the Donbas and Crimea back, OR the full reparations that russia owes for their grievous crimes.

    Ukraine rightfully deserves both from russia, but I think they may be able to get at best, only one or the other. In any case, putin will not survive this, I’m sure. Either the stress of his failure will kill him, or that will stir up the russian public against him, but his fall will be terrible.

    Great and wonderful to Ukraine, but terrible for russians.

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  3. A Coup? Who cares. The entire society is criminal barbaric and needs to be destroyed. A coup will only replace one asshole with another asshole…IMHO.

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