Putin Suffered Four Devastating Defeats

The end of the war may be sooner than everyone thinks


The liberation of Kherson was another outstanding achievement of the Ukrainian military and a severe defeat for Russia. However, the Kremlin is suffering failures not only on the battlefield, and they are no less serious.

The well-known Russian historian Dmitry Chernyshevsky spoke about this on his YouTube blog.

“In October-November, Russia suffered serious diplomatic failures, which practically put an end to Putin’s attempts to force Ukraine to peace, beg for a truce, somehow pull his legs out of the bloody quagmire where he drove himself, his mockery of an empire,” the historian said.

He clarified that the Kremlin began the diplomatic “special operation” on May 9, when it realized that the war in Ukraine was finally lost. They activated the peace agents to force Kyiv to agree to a truce. All of them failed.

According to Chernyshevsky, the Russian Federation has suffered 4 major diplomatic defeats in the past two months. First and foremost — in Turkey. We are talking about the failed attempt of the Russian Federation to withdraw from the grain agreement.

“Erdogan literally shoved Putin into the dirt with a grain deal. What happened when Russia loudly announced its withdrawal from the grain agreement and did not allow Ukraine to export grain from its ports, and Turkey and Ukraine ignored this, (…) Turkish experts laughed out loud at Russia: what can it answer, with no fleet. It was the largest and most humiliating diplomatic defeat for Russia in a thousand years of its history. No Russian diplomacy has ever let down its country in such a shameful way,” the historian said.

He stated that today Turkey is using with might and main the military defeat of the Russian Federation in Ukraine for personal purposes.

The second failure was India. The authorities of this largest Asian country openly sided with Ukraine and the West in this war. Prime Minister Modi publicly demanded that dictator Putin stop the bloodshed.

The third failure is the visit to Kyiv of US national security adviser Jake Sullivan. This, according to Chernyshevsky, was “the last attempt by collaborationist circles in the West to force Ukraine not even to peace, but to be “softer with Russia”.

It failed. The last very heavy defeat was the failed visit to Iran by Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev. “Iran will not supply ballistic missiles to Russia. And even with the Shaheds they act whimsically: they will supply them, but in small batches. Patrushev did not bring thousands of missiles from Tehran. Meanwhile, small deliveries are meaningless: they will not help,” the Russian historian stated.

In general, according to him, Putin’s current situation is catastrophic. “The diplomatic offensive that he launched on May 9, when he was crushed by the failures of the Russian army, realized that the war was lost and it had to end, everything failed completely and fully. Russia does not have a single chance to somehow force Ukraine to recognize the seizure of part of the Ukrainian territories… This means that the end of the war may be closer than everyone thinks. The collapse of the Russian Federation can happen much faster than many expect,” Chernyshevsky stated.



  1. “This means that the end of the war may be closer than everyone thinks. The collapse of the Russian Federation can happen much faster than many expect,”

    The retreat from Kyiv happened faster than anyone had expected.
    The retreat from Snake Island happened faster than anyone had expected.
    The retreat from Kharkiv happened faster than anyone had expected.
    The attack on the Kerch Bridge happened faster than anyone had expected.
    The retreat from Kherson and right bank happened faster than anyone had expected.
    So, yes, if these cases are precedents for further developments, then it’s plausible that the war ends faster than anyone expects and mafia land collapses faster than anyone expects. I most certainly hope so.

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    • As happens in so much, failure happens slowly, then suddenly. If Putin’s regime falls as a result, The Russian Empire may fall as well. The nationalities have long been a problem. The only way for them to cease to be a problem is for them to be liberated from the Russian boot.

      It can’t happen soon enough.

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    • A heartwarming article Frankie Facts!
      There is a “however” though:

      “Prime Minister Modi publicly demanded that dictator Putin stop the bloodshed.”

      That is a rather optimistic spin on a slimeball who has turned putler’s filthy genocide into a nice little earner: he buys putler’s oil at a knockdown price, takes a commission, then sells it on to other shitholes at a profit; not forgetting to skim a bit more off for himself, his family and his cronies at the other end.

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  2. It will get no better this week. The MH17 trial will give it’s verdict this week. I have no doubt the terrorists will be found guilty, and russia will be found guilty of ordering the attack.

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