People are asked not to gather in central Kherson because there are Russian mines almost everywhere

13 NOVEMBER 2022

The Russians mined many facilities in Kherson before they retreated, so the Ukrainian government has asked people not to gather in crowded places and not to go to central Kherson on 14 November.

SourceYaroslav Yanushevych, Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: “The celebration of the liberation of Kherson Oblast has been going on for two days now. People are going out into the streets and squares holding Ukrainian flags, cheering and thanking the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But I want to warn everyone a little. 

Bomb disposal work is now underway; the enemy has placed mines almost everywhere. Please, please do not gather in crowded places. Moreover, we will be clearing mines in the city centre tomorrow, on 14 November. So please do not go to the central part of the city.”

Details: Yanushevych also said that the gas supply is being restored in the liberated part of Kherson Oblast. 

“We have already succeeded in restoring the supply of natural gas to more than 300 houses in liberated settlements of the oblast. Engineers are managing to keep the gas supply situation stable in Kherson. This is particularly important because of the lack of electricity and water supply in the city, as well the onset of cold weather,” Yanushevych said.

He added that the speed of repair work is dependent on mine clearance in the liberated territories.


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  1. “People are asked not to gather in central Kherson because there are Russian mines almost everywhere”

    Mafia land … ruskie mir … putinism … all this means death and destruction.

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