Kneeling woman greets her grandson: touching video about liberation of Kherson

13 NOVEMBER 2022

A touching video of an old lady from Kherson greeting her grandson, a fighter of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, has gained popularity online.

The video was published by Anatolii Shtefan, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Yurii Sobolevskyy, the Head of the Executive Office of the Kherson Regional Council.

The lady came out of the house and knelt by the open gate. A man in a military uniform with a yellow ribbon on his arm rushes across the road to her.

The guy squats next to his grandmother, puts the machine gun on the ground and hugs the old woman.

“In this video, one of our team members enters his home in Kherson, where he is met by his own grandmother”, writes Sobolevskyy.

Anatolii Shtefan calls these shots historical:

“A grandmother on her knees meets her grandson who liberated Kherson. No comments.”

Ukrainska Pravda. Life tried to contact Oleh, the man on the video, but he is still out of touch.

On 11 November, 2022 units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered Kherson. Local residents took to the streets and welcomed the Ukrainian troops.

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