In honor of the return of Kherson: the National Guards defeated the enemies near Bakhmut. Video


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

The defenders of Ukraine eliminated the Russian occupiers near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, where some of the most fierce fighting continues. They dedicated the work of “demilitarizing” the enemy to the liberation of Kherson.

The fighters of the National Guard Rapid Response Brigade pushed back the invaders. The video is available on her Facebook page (to view, scroll to the end of the news) .

“In honor of the return of Kherson, the rapid reaction brigade is minus the forces of the occupier in the Bakhmut direction with increased zeal,” the military noted.

The footage shows a group of Russian invaders hiding in the trenches with weapons. There, our soldiers dropped ammunition from a drone.

After the first strike, the occupiers received at least shell shock and wounds. A second strike also scattered the surviving Russian soldiers in different directions.

“There is something you can’t learn from videos, only from experience. Our bird operators are getting better at hitting targets, taking into account all the heights, weather conditions and even enemy movements,” the message says.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 529 Russian “mobiks” . They were sent to war from the village of Valuy, Belgorod Region, Russia.


  1. The cockroaches either don’t want to learn or they can’t learn. They have been running against a wall in Bakhmut for weeks, suffering huge casualties. Clearly, the mafia general staff is very, very, very desperate to achieve some sort of victory. Never mind all the slaughtered meat puppets that a potential small success has and will cost.

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  2. Kherson being freed is a tremendous boost to the AFU whom already had very high morale.
    Total Victory for ALL of Ukraine!!!🇺🇦

    Death to the temporary rashist occupiers!!!💥🔥☠️

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