From the LinkedIn page of Peter Dickinson

Nov 12

Just when I thought today couldn’t get any better, I learn that I’ve been sanctioned by Russia! This is indeed a badge of honor coming as it does from the most criminal regime in modern history

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  1. Almost right Peter; “the most criminal regime in modern history” does not need to contain the word “modern”, because there is not the slightest doubt that if putler and his murder gang was permitted to do what their nazi RIA Novosti stated, what putler’s “Mein Kampf” variant stated, what Dugin wrote and stated, what Medvedev stated, what the vermin pundits led by Solovyov and Simonyan stated, already millions of Ukrainians would be dead.
    By the time the planned genocide had ended, there would be nothing left but dead bodies, slaves, Gauleiters and RuZZian interlopers plundering the place.
    By their declared criminal intent, RuZZia is the most criminal “country” in history.

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