Expect more Russian ‘cannon fodder’ after Kherson defeat, warns UK

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Nov 13

By Telegraph staff reporters

Ben Wallace has warned of more Russian “cannon fodder” following the loss of the strategic key city of Kherson in the south of Ukraine.

Mr Wallace said Russia will be worried and disappointed by the loss of the city but urged “caution” in light of the celebrations over Moscow’s withdrawel.

“History will remind you that Russia can be brutal to their own,” he said.

“If they need more cannon fodder, that is what they’ll be doing.”

His comments come as Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainian troops are withstanding “hell” in the eastern Donetsk region, where Russia has ramped up the fight after abandoning Kherson.

“There it is just hell – there are extremely fierce battles there every day,” Mr Zelensky said. “But our units are defending bravely – they are withstanding the terrible pressure of the invaders, preserving our defence lines.”

The Ukrainian leader said that before fleeing Kherson, Russian forces “destroyed all the critical infrastructure: communications, water, heat, electricity,” he added.


  1. “Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainian troops are withstanding “hell” in the eastern Donetsk region, where Russia has ramped up the fight after abandoning Kherson.”

    I’m afraid that means that the defenders are taking losses. It re-emphasizes the need for much more military assistance from the Budapest signatories. We are just not doing enough for them.
    In the south, the orcs are down. But to stop them getting up again, they need to be kicked and kicked with the same savagery and brutality that they have inflicted upon Ukrainians.
    If Biden is just determined whatever happens, to refuse long range missiles, tanks and planes, then surely the very least he and the UK can do is send many more MLRS’s and drones?

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    • Ukrainians had gone through hell in the summer, and look where we are today. I’m not saying that the losses are small or insignificant, but I doubt that they are nearly as high as mafia land’s.

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  2. Let them throw their cannon fodder into battle all they want. With rusty weapons that have primitive wires attached and tanks and artillery older than the fathers of the soldiers, mafia land is still closer to being defeated than a real threat.

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