Due to sanctions, an acute shortage of medicines began in Russia: the regions were obliged to make an emergency stock of medicines

Due to the imposed sanctions, Russian medical institutions are experiencing an acute shortage of medicines, and elective surgeries are being postponed indefinitely.

According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, the Russian military is actively discussing in their telephone conversations the signing of the order of the Russian Ministry of Health, which obliged all regions of the country to create an emergency stock of medicines for a period of four months.

One reason for the shortage is the impact of international sanctions on the economy. In this regard, the threat of a complete halt in the supply of medicines from abroad may soon hang over the Russian Federation. It is also noted that in the Russian Federation today there is no production of modern medicines at all, but lines for packaging imports have been established.

Russian doctors in private conversations say that the supply of medicines is rapidly falling, and their restoration is not being carried out. As a result, prices for medicines are rising, and elective surgeries are being postponed. Medical assistance will be provided only to those who need urgent surgical intervention.


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