Scholz is categorically against negotiations between Ukraine and Russia on Moscow’s terms

Yana Stavskaya 06:36, 11/12/22 UNIAN

It was Putin, Scholz noted, who crossed out all the efforts that had previously been made in the matter of negotiations between the two countries.

Germany supports Ukraine with weapons / photo
Germany supports Ukraine with weapons / photo

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes that at this stage it is impossible to end the Russian-Ukrainian war through diplomacy.

As he said in an interview with RND on Friday, November 11, Russia is hindering this process, and Ukraine should not make concessions to the Russians.

It was Putin, Scholz noted, who crossed out all the efforts that had previously been made in the matter of negotiations between the two countries.

“With this murderous war that we are now experiencing, Putin, first of all, prevented everything that had happened before in terms of negotiations,” Scholz said.

Scholz noted that dictators must finally understand that it is impossible to seize the territories of independent countries: “First of all, Russia must realize that the idea of ​​​​a dictatorial world will not work and that you can’t just go over the territory with a felt-tip pen and say that this is now mine. Therefore, there is no dictatorial world there will be, there must be a different understanding.”

Shortly before the start of a full-scale invasion, Scholz met with Putin, then, as the chancellor recalls, the Russian president demanded that there were “no missiles in Ukraine that threaten Moscow” and that Ukraine not join NATO: “None of the reasons that played their role there role, would not justify this war, because none of this actually happened.”

Negotiations with Russia

Against the backdrop  of rumors in the American media  about allegedly inciting Ukraine to negotiate with Moscow, US President Joe  Biden stressed that Washington does not mean any compromises on territorial concessions. 

Sources of Ukrainska Pravda in diplomatic circles also noted that  America did not demand that Ukraine sit down at the negotiating table  with the Russians – Kiev was only asked not to send the occupiers so abruptly. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in turn, replied that Kiev was ready for a peaceful solution to the war  after the complete withdrawal of Russian troops and the liberation of all of Ukraine, including Crimea : “I did not slam the door. I said that we are ready to talk with Russia, but with another Russia. One that is really ready for peace. One that is ready to admit that they are occupiers.”


  1. Many leaders have thought they could turn Putin and they have all failed. Some learn quickly and some don’t learn at all. It appears Scholz is learning quickly and I hope his support grows, we could use him on our side.

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    • There is a chance; probably not even 1% unfortunately, that he could become a statesman and help Ukraine win quickly. He has the world’s fourth largest economy and is the defacto ruler of the EU; Vichy France being the junior partner.
      With that kind of clout, he could wreak havoc on putlerstan if he wanted to.

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  2. After the sets of defeats that mafia land had been presented, negotiating on their terms would be plain insanity. Zelensky is right when he says there cannot be any negotiations as long as Putler is still in power.

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    • Just listening to Brian Whitmore’s latest podcast: he says he believes that putler’s Holocaust is going to run for at least another year.
      I hope I’m wrong, but it seems to me that Biden has reached the limit of what he is prepared to do. He’s ruled out ATACM’s, ballistic missiles, F16’s and Abrams tanks.
      Ukraine can’t win quickly without all those things and a lot more.
      Unless Poland and Britain decide to step in.
      The military assistance seems to have peaked, the sanctions never even took off and no sequestered putinazi cash has got to Ukraine.
      In light of the above, the proposal that MailOnline published yesterday (if it even is real) might be an option. If there was a Ron Reagan or Roger Wicker in power, it wouldn’t even be considered. But with Biden?…….


      * “Vladimir Putin has been offered surrender terms by Ukraine and allies, a prominent Russian academic said 
      * Plan would see Russia give up all territory in Ukraine except Crimea, which would become demilitarised zone 
      * In return, Putin and cronies would avoid war crimes prosecution and remain in power, Valery Solovey claimed.”

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      • A triple non-starter Crimea is Ukraine, those responsible for war crimes must be held accountable, and Putin can not stay in power. Plus the plan didn’t state about the how and amount of reparations. Or did it? I read it but now I forget some details without looking it up.


        • Like everyone else here, I think that the kremlin murder gang should get absolutely nothing.
          But no one can predict what RuZZia will or won’t do next. It is in Ukraine’s interest to end this horror asap.
          Brian is a very well informed and reliable friend of Ukraine and he sees this genocide going another year. The fact is that the nazi rodent still thinks he can win.
          Biden has kept Ukraine in the game, but refuses to give them what they need to drive the orcs out. So far the other great allies Poland and Britain are following suit.
          Ukraine has to grapple with these realities as they plan their campaign going forward : with no F16’s, no ballistic missiles, no ATTACM’s, no Abrams and nowhere near enough HIMARS or modern artillery.
          How can they win at all without that stuff, let alone win quickly?
          In that context the Solovey proposal is a good basis for negotiations.
          Do you have an alternative suggestion Bill?


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