Russia claims Henichesk as new “capital of Kherson Oblast”

12 NOVEMBER 2022

Following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the city of Kherson [the official administrative centre, or capital, of Kherson Oblast – ed.], Russia has claimed that the city of Henichesk is the new “capital” of Kherson Oblast.

SourceTASS, a Kremlin-aligned Russian media outlet

Details: A representative of the Russian occupation administration in Kherson Oblast said that Henichesk has been chosen as the new “capital” of Kherson Oblast and main “government agencies” have been relocated to the city.



  1. The synonym for fool, nitwit, moron, jerk, stooge, twit and idiot should be Russian. That is, when someone acts like a fool, nitwit, moron, jerk, stooge, twit or idiot, he is acting like a Russian. This is how they are acting, by announcing this “new capital” of Kherson Oblast. They enjoy making themselves into fools, nitwits, morons, jerks, stooges, twits and idiots. Simply put, they are Russians.

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