Piontkovsky commented on the proposal of the ideologist of the “Russian world” to kill Putin for the surrender of Kherson (video)

The political scientist says he agrees with Dugin: Putin should be killed.

Dugin hinted that Putin must be killed / Screenshot
Dugin hinted that Putin must be killed / Screenshot

Vladimir Putin’s chief ideologue Alexander Dugin openly called for his physical elimination. The President of the Russian Federation is broken, frightened and babbles about “Ukrainian partners” and the world.

Dugin compared Putin to the king of the rains: the people give full power to the king of the rains. If he fails to do so, he must be killed. Such statements on the air of the FreeDom project were appreciated by political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

“The tsar can’t cope with this, he showed it yesterday. I think all of Ukraine saw a small clip where he was small, intimidated, babbled about some kind of “goodwill gesture” directed to “Ukrainian partners.” And all these months we have heard about some Nazis, clowns, drug addicts,” the political scientist says.

Piontkovsky says he agrees with Dugin: Putin must be killed. He also believes that the “Kadyrovs” and “Prigozhins” have also grown into “big wolves”. And soon, perhaps, the struggle for power in the Russian Federation will begin.

Dugin on the surrender of Kherson

Dugin wrote a text about the surrender of Kherson, in which he indirectly blamed Putin for this failure. He drew parallels with James Frazer’s The Golden Bough, which referred to the “king of the rains” who had his stomach ripped open for not being able to keep the drought out. “We give the ruler absolute fullness of power, and he saves us all, the people, the state, people, citizens, at a critical moment. If for this he surrounds himself with shit or spits on social justice, this is unpleasant, but if only he saved. Then it’s the fate of the “king of the rains,” says Dugin.

He, by the way, has already deleted this text.

Who is Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin is a philosopher, political scientist, conservative publicist, one of the ideologists of the concepts of the “Russian world” and new Eurasianism. He has repeatedly stated about the dominance of the Russian Federation over neighboring countries and confrontation with the United States and NATO.

Because of his position on Ukraine, he is included in the list of EU, US and Canadian sanctions.

His daughter Daria died on the evening of August 20 in the Moscow region, while driving a car that exploded while driving. The propagandists have already found a “Ukrainian trace” in death.

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