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Unexploded Russian mines, unused ammunition and shells lie ready to be buried in a crater at a disposal site near Borodyanka  in the Kyiv region of Ukraine

Letters: Hope that Russia’s retreat signals the beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin

12 November 2022 • 12:02am

SIR – With the retreat of Russian forces on a number of fronts in Ukraine, and the diplomatic humiliation that the country will experience at the G20 summit, we are probably witnessing the end of Vladimir Putin.

His position was established and sustained through intrigue, the ruthless elimination of perceived rivals, the suppression of free speech and the cultivation of a strongman image. He has distanced himself from his people and relies on a small cabal of advisers. His needless and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and inability to defeat a country fighting for its very survival prove that a greedy empire-builder will never overcome a determined and committed opponent.

If he is lucky, he will be retired to a small dacha well away from the corridors of power, with plenty of time to reflect on how he has caused his own downfall and brought shame on his country. But many former Russian leaders have not been lucky.

David S Ainsworth

SIR – Now is the time to accelerate Ukraine joining Nato.

This would give it the reassurance it needs to enter into meaningful negotiations, while sending a clear message to Vladimir Putin. And what can he do? His rhetoric has been shown to be bluster. He is very much on the back foot, and simply trying to preserve his personal power base.

Paul Rudd
Woldingham, Surrey

SIR – The line between brokering peace and appeasement is fine. If the West does not defeat Vladimir Putin and his forces definitively and publicly, Russia will have defeated the West.

There can be no compromise: Putin must be replaced, Russian forces must withdraw from the territories they illegally invaded and reparations to Ukraine agreed.

David Kelly
Broseley, Shropshire

SIR – “Give peace a chance, US tells Ukraine” (report, November 11).

Would the Biden administration sit down to negotiate a peace treaty with Vladimir Putin if he invaded and occupied Alaska?

Dr R D Ogilvy

Russia has made clear that it’s zone of interest actually means, countries that must be absorbed into a Greater Russia. Their demands that NATO should not get closer should be dismissed for the empty threat it has been shown to be and the welcoming hand of NATO should be extended to all those countries that feel threatened by this corrupt, detestable regime.

Richard Vine


  1. National newspaper editors traditionally take readers’ letters very seriously. Each reader that takes the trouble to write in represents thousands of others and government policy often takes these into account.
    Britain faces some serious threats at the moment; although nothing even remotely comparable to the horror that Ukrainians are having to live with.
    We have our own invasion crisis; caused by French collusion with people traffickers. Shitloads of mainly young Albanian men are pouring in every day. Instead of sending them back, we put them in 4* hotels, which is driving British people mad. The French of course can’t wait to get rid of them and are delighted to dump them on the old enemy.
    So there’s that. Then there are the eco-warriors (actually Marxists funded by Russia since the 1960’s) who are disrupting traffic every day.
    Then there are huge Marxist trade unions whose leaders support putler, who are organizing strikes in an attempt to bring the Tory government down.
    Then there is the enormous cost of fuel, inflation caused by putler’s holocaust and a crisis in the NHS.
    Despite the above, British people are dourly behind Ukraine as she struggles to defeat the most evil, malignant people ever to live on this planet.
    Putler and his murder gang are a cancerous, puss-filled carbuncle on the world that badly needs lancing.

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  2. I think we can all agree with Mr Kelly:
    “There can be no compromise: Putin must be replaced, Russian forces must withdraw from the territories they illegally invaded and reparations to Ukraine agreed.”

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  3. “There can be no compromise: Putin must be replaced, Russian forces must withdraw from the territories they illegally invaded and reparations to Ukraine agreed.”

    Executing the little rat after a lengthy torture session would be the greater justice. And, all of his helpers too. The cockroach army must be completely destroyed, not just defeated. Mafia land must pay trillions in reparations. It must also be dismantled into smaller, individual states. These are the least that must happen.

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