Funds Raised for First Marine Drone of Ukrainian Production: New Type of Warfare at Sea

November 12, 2022

Funds for the purchase of the first Ukrainian-made marine drone have already been collected, it will be called Kherson, Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov says on Telegram.

“Funds have been raised for the first marine drone. It will be called Kherson,” the minister said, adding that one such device costs UAH 10 million.

According to Fedorov, now it is necessary to raise funds for the first 10 units.

“This is a unique and secret Ukrainian technology,” he said.

In particular, the minister noted, the price includes the drone itself, equipped with an autopilot system, video subsystems, including night vision, special communications protected from enemy electronic warfare, backup communication modules and a warhead.

In addition, the price includes an autonomous ground control station, a transportation and storage system, a data center and “a few special surprises for our enemies.”

According to Fedorov, such drones have already shown themselves in the bay of Sevastopol, hitting the flagship of the Russian fleet, Admiral Makarov, after which Russia lost its unconditional advantage on the water.

In the future, as the Minister of Digital Transformation said, it is necessary to raise funds for 100 marine drones, since “they will be able to significantly change the situation in the Black Sea.”

“Small and fast drones are capable of successfully attacking Russian ships worth hundreds of millions of dollars,” he added and called on Ukrainian business to join the creation of the first Ukrainian fleet of marine drones.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced a fundraiser for an army of marine drones as part of the UNITED24 charity platform.


  1. “This is a unique and secret Ukrainian technology,”

    Not so secret anymore. But, this is a grand development. We saw what successes these types of drones had in Sevastopol in October. I hope to see some more such strikes. Maybe they can even be used against the Kerch Bridge.

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  2. Here is another very promising initiative. From the FB page of Oksana Sosidenko:

    “Kherson is in the house! This news is roaring in the information space. This is incredibly great news! Joy, infinite joy for the people who finally freed themselves from the occupiers!

    Unfortunately, the war is on. In the Kherson region, on the left bank of the Dnieper, significant forces of the enemy and its artillery are still focused. Our military needs high-tech weapons to effectively deal with the enemy.

    My friend Ingvar Borisfen, a military we have known since 2018, who has been fighting for Ukraine’s freedom since 2014, for his air intelligence unit raises funds for
    Bezpílotnij Avíacíjnij Complex asu-1 “Valkyrie” for combat tasks, for fire correction!

    The plane costs $ 20,000 – UAH 800,000. Thanks to the friends of the military, a little more than 570 000 uah has already been raised.

    Friends, let’s join the gathering. This plane will work exactly in the direction that everyone is talking about!

    Photo-and video-report guys garantu Фотоtʹ.

    4149 6293 1997 2691
    Receiver: Alexander Seagull

    We continue to help our Armed Forces!

    We bring victory closer with our joint efforts!

    Glory to Ukraine!”

    Please note : this is the genuine article. Not a scam.

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