From FB page; Nova Odesa

Nov 12, 2022


In temporary occupation is on 12.11.22

1.79% – Kharkiv region.
97.27% – Luhansk region.
55.43% – Donetsk region.
71.83% – Zaporizhzhia region.
72.02% – Kherson region.
0.56% – Mykolaiv region.
100% – Crimea

A lot of work to be done… And if you take the situation as of 31.03 and 12.11 – a raz разča difference. Glory to our Warriors!

One comment

  1. Putin has lost and nobody will tell him. He must have lost 100k plus at least 200k disabled and kicked to the sidelines. Meanwhile he suggests Zelensky surrender, lol. Putin should have taken up poker its probably the only thing he’s good at. Maybe he can play soon with Kobzan in hell.

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