Antonivka Bridge is completely destroyed, propagandists say it was blown up by occupiers

11 NOVEMBER 2022

Russian media have published photos and videos of the destroyed Antonivka Road Bridge near Kherson, claiming that it had been blown up by the occupiers when they left the city for the left bank of the Dnipro River.

Source: The military correspondent for the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Kots, on Telegram; Suspilne Kherson, the Kherson media outlet Most; Yurii Stelmashenko, the member of Kherson City Council, on the Freedom TV channel 



Details: Kots showed a video from the scene. He reported that two spans of the bridge have been destroyed, blown up by the Russians when they were leaving Kherson for the left bank of the Dnipro River. 



Russian propagandists have also published photos of the Antonivka Bridge from other angles. The images show that the destruction is very extensive.

Suspilne Kherson has published a photo provided by local residents. It shows that the bridge has been destroyed in several places.


In addition, Russian propagandists’ Telegram channels have published a video of the retreat by the Russians after the bridge was blown up. It is reported that Special Forces units that covered the retreat of the main forces are leaving on foot, using the pontoon.

A makeshift bridge made of barges next to the Antonivka Road Bridge was also blown up.

The Kherson media outlet Most has reported that the Russians had begun to destroy the infrastructure of Kherson before retreating; the occupiers had already blown up boiler houses, a TV tower and a facility belonging to Oblenergo [public energy supplier in Kherson Oblast – ed.]. 

According to Stelmashenko, during the retreat, the occupiers also blew up a water utility.

Quote from Stelmashenko: “A TPP (a thermal power plant) was also blown up. A TPP, an Oblenergo facility and a water utility. That is, now, after the arrival of the Ukrainian forces, we need very serious stabilisation measures to ensure such priority needs.”


  • On 9 November, Sergey Surovikin, the Commander of the Russian occupying forces in Ukraine, announced the transfer of Russian troops from the city of Kherson to the left bank of the Dnipro River.
  • On the same day, the President’s Office of Ukraine remarked that a significant group of Russian troops remained in Kherson and that there were no signs of withdrawal from that area. 
  • On the evening of 10 November, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that there had been good news from the south of Ukraine. 41 settlements have already been liberated by the defenders of Ukraine.


  1. “Suspilne Kherson has published a photo provided by local residents. It shows that the bridge has been destroyed in several places.”

    It is time for another strike at the Kerch Bridge. This destruction – including the infrastructure in Kherson – has jacked up the price tag for mafia land’s criminal war on Ukraine.
    I don’t know exactly how the mafiosi managed to evacuate their 20 or 30 thousand cockroaches, but it was a serious mistake not to prevent them from accomplishing this feat. I would think that UA forces should have known about these efforts and as soon as the orc lines thinned out, should have made a rush to all the river crossings, as far as they weren’t under tight fire control. I will continue searching for answers.

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