“We’re next in line, this is the end!” After the flight of Russians from Kherson, panic began in Crimea and Donbass


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

The flight of the occupying Russian troops from Kherson , despite the efforts of the Kremlin and the security forces to present it as a “normal regrouping” and a “filigree maneuver”, was perceived in the Russian Federation as a serious defeat. And on the territory of the Crimean peninsula occupied back in 2014, as well as parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, a real panic began. Both among Russian military personnel and among collaborators.

shameful flight

Kherson was the only regional center captured by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, and even at the very beginning of a full-scale invasion. A little more than a month ago, a pompous ceremony of signing agreements on “joining Russia” with the occupied Ukrainian territories, including the Kherson region, was held in the Kremlin.

At this Khural, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: residents of the occupied regions of Ukraine “become our citizens forever.”

However, already on November 9, General Surovikin, the newly appointed commander of the “SVO”, reported to the Minister of Defense on the expediency of withdrawing from the right bank of the Dnieper in the south. And Shoigu gave the command to withdraw troops, and in fact – to flee.

On the same day, in the Kherson region , the FSB liquidated one of the most odious and media representatives of the occupation authorities – Kirill Stremousov .

He joyfully posed in the Kremlin on the day the “treaties” were signed, and then, after the first information appeared about the possibility of Russia’s withdrawal from the occupied region, he openly called it a betrayal.

On November 11, the Russian Defense Ministry officially announced that at 5 am “the transfer of Russian troops to the left bank of the Dnieper River was completed.”

To say that this was a shock to the Russians would be an understatement. And no matter how the propagandists on the payroll dodged, trying to minimize the defeat and calling the retreat a “filigree maneuver”, the fact remains. Russia is running.

But the most important thing is that the Russian Federation has lost a foothold for the offensive along the coast towards Nikolaev and Odessa, and also received another unpleasant surprise.

Crimea and Donbas get ready

According to the colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military expert Roman Svitan, after the Ukrainian army enters Kherson, the north of Crimea will be in the zone of fire damage – and this creates a lot of problems for the occupiers.

“From Kherson, you can get to Crimea, HIMARS will definitely fire at it. The goals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the near future are logistical chains and facilities related to the transportation of military equipment and supplies. Any military convoy from Crimea will fall under HIMARS at the exit from the peninsula, that is, leaving Crimea for mainland Ukraine, it will come under fire,” Svitan says.

This is well understood by the occupiers. A real panic reigns on the peninsula: they still cannot believe in the “surrender” of Kherson by Russia. The wives of the Russian military were about to leave at all – they fear that the situation will seriously worsen in the near future.

Collaborators who were convinced that “Russia is here forever” are no less nervous.

According to the interlocutors of OBOZREVATEL on the Crimean peninsula and in the occupied cities of Donbass, now the traitors of Ukraine are afraid of a repetition of the situation with Kherson, as they “have been fully exposed.”

“It’s just crazy here. Since many women’s husbands and sons are fighting on the side of the invaders, now they are afraid not only that they will die, but also that Russia will “sell” them and simply leave. A few words can be described as : “We are next in line, this is the end!” Such panic moods have not been here for a long time. Trust is completely undermined,” the Donetsk resident said.

According to her, some local residents from among the collaborators are already considering “evacuation routes”, but they are afraid that Russia will close the borders.

The fact that to believe in the Putin regime is not only shameful, but also life-threatening, today many of his adherents have become convinced. However, this insight came too late.

The main task of the Russian occupation troops is now defense, and serious offensive operations are hardly in question. Unlike the APU.


  1. “Any military convoy from Crimea will fall under HIMARS at the exit from the peninsula…”

    This is very important. The isthmus is very narrow and thus easily kept under fire control. This increases problems for the cockroaches beyond their wildest imaginations.

    “The wives of the Russian military were about to leave at all – they fear that the situation will seriously worsen in the near future.”

    The wives hit the nail right on its head.

    “According to her, some local residents from among the collaborators are already considering “evacuation routes”, but they are afraid that Russia will close the borders.”

    Let’s have a round of raucous laughter!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Bye bye motherfuckers. Missing you already. Said absolutely fucking no one.
    We can only hope that the defenders have shitloads of ammo for their artillery and an endless supply of HIMARS.
    This great victory has been achieved mainly with old Soviet artillery; the defenders still don’t have enough modern stuff, although more is coming online each day.
    On this day of triumph, it would be great for the Ukrainians to be told that they WILL get all the materiel they need to clear ALL their lands of putinazi cockroaches.
    Obviously the defenders will know that the putinazis may well have all sorts of evil plans still up their sleeves, so they will have to be super-professional, super-thorough and super-cautious.

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    • Yes, I will never understand the mindset of our POTUS. It’s been over 8 months since this war has been raging. Many areas and settlements had been liberated, even those annexed by mafia land. And, even attacks on mafia land itself have been carried out. Yet, no nuclear bombs have been dropped. Despite all of this, the old fart still cowers beneath his desk, waiting for the big boom to happen. Still, there are no long range weapons for Ukraine, no tanks, no planes not even the Grey Eagle drones, all because of his deep-seated fears. A guy like Biden should never be allowed to become a US president. Afghanistan was a big warning.

      Liked by 4 people

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