Ukrposhta launched pre-orders of postage stamp with hero city of Kherson


Pre-ordres of the first postage stamp featuring the hero city of Kherson was launched in Ukraine.

Source: Ihor Smilianskyi, the CEO of Ukrposhta [the Ukrainian National post service – ed.]

“This is the first postage stamp dedicated to the hero city. Postage stamps dedicated to other hero cities will be released after it.

Even though the liberation of Kherson has not been officially announced, we already released it following a good tradition which started with the notorious battleship [the Moskva cruiser famously insulted by the Ukrainian border guards on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island – ed.]. Sometimes stamps are released a few days before the event. This is because Ukrposhta knows for sure that our troops are the best, and liberation is only the question of time”, he stated.

Smilianskyi admitted in public that this year, due to the Russian occupation, Ukrainians did not manage to enjoy the taste of the Kherson watermelons.

“Yet philately cannot leave you without one of the symbols of the Kherson region, so slices of watermelon will appear, with additional artistic drawings, on the new postage stamp”, he explained.

Smilianskyi remarked that the set also includes an envelope with an image of a Ukrainian soldier putting a slice of watermelon with Kherson back into Ukraine and a postcard with “Kherson is Ukraine” written on it.

Pre-orders of the postage stamp will start on 11 November. The stamp will be released in December.

Smilianskyi stressed that the new stamp must be placed as a separate order, i.e. it must be selected as the only set to add to the cart.


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