The Heartbeat Of Ukraine

Nov 11, 2022

Report by Paul Niland

So here’s the news from Ukraine’s south. First, all of Mykolaiv Oblast has been cleared of Russian occupiers, but the big story is Kherson region. The day before yesterday the Russian bastard in chief responsible for overseeing the war in Ukraine told the war minister that he recommended withdrawing from the right bank of the Dnipro river, where Kherson city is located. Shoigu agreed, because (he really said this) “for us, the lives of Russian servicemen are always a priority.” When, in fact, about *80,000 of them are now dead.

(*I’ll come back to that number…)

Anyway, so, the troops that the Russians had been keeping in Kherson city were apparently the best of what they had left, but now they have been ordered to cross the river to take up new defensive positions on the left bank. However, as Ukraine had long since made the main way in or out of the city, the Antonovskiy bridge, unusable that means that they have very few ways of getting across to the other side. Like pontoons, ferries, and other water craft.

Here’s where it gets good. As there are only a few crossing points, and there were as many as 20,000 Russians on the right bank, they have had to congregate in very large groups at the egress points. And, well, those concentrations are in range of Ukraine’s precision guided weapons. So, as of this morning, what is going on down there is carnage for the Russians. They’re being battered with battery after battery of rocket fire.

Back too that number of 80,000. The official estimate as of today is the Russians have lost 79,400 men. Another 710 died yesterday, and the record day was 950 which was about ten days back. We here in Ukraine have been waiting for a day with more than 1,000 invaders eliminated, and today is almost certainly that day.

Meanwhile in Kherson city overnight locals put up a Ukrainian flag on a monument right in front of the Administration building, the armed forces have not entered the city yet, and there are reports of mines and booby traps that will have to be navigated and mitigated. But Kherson is Ukraine, and huge numbers of Russians are being rendered unable to fight on.

The great thing is that this defeat, the humiliating withdrawal from the capital of a province that Putin had claimed was “Russian, forever” just 6 weeks ago, along with the sight of more liberated Ukrainians greetings the Ukrainian armed forces with cheers and tears of joy, are absolutely going to batter Russia bullshit narrative of these being Russian lands where people were being liberated. What we will witness is the exact opposite.

Some days are harder than others, but the developments in Kherson give us something to cheer. We will always be indebted to the men and women of the combined forces fighting against Putin’s hordes, always. I am in awe of what they are doing.


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