The following article appeared in the last hour or so. MailOnline is not exactly renowned as a reliable source, but here it is anyway:


  1. I say no way. Crimea is Ukrainian and will stay as such. russia have to withdraw completely from Ukraine, pay massive reparations, and stand trial for genocide and war crimes.

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      • Plus Bucha, Mariupol and countless other atrocities need avenging. The other reason the orcs would surrender, the two supply routes coming out of Crimea are now within range of Himars. Giving Ukraine total fire control over them.

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      • I’m rather offended “The West” offered Vladolf a surrender package. If its true then its basically collaboration with the enemy. Zelensky has every right to do that on his own. Zelensky said every square centimeter and I believe he will get it. Zelensky has also promised punishment and that’s not in the deal. I hope tomorrow Zelensky tells them GFY I already made my terms public.

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    • We have to get our people back too. There must be several hundred or perhaps even more that have been killed in Moskali torture chambers. And a half million children with destroyed documents. They cannot wait for the Hague, they must be returned yesterday.

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  2. The fact that this article has appeared; albeit in an unreliable outlet, is encouraging. The chances are quite high that it will turn out to be hogwash.
    However, it states : “Russia would also have to give up its military presence in the Transnistria region of Moldova, while Ukraine would pledge not to join NATO for at least seven years.”
    Nato is worth Jackshit, so that’s no problem. Transnistria is an essential part of the deal of course, as is Abkhazia and South Ossetia; neither which are mentioned.
    If there is a cast iron deal that Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine will never be attacked and left to their own devices, there is the possibility for a deal.
    Full reparations must be paid and all war criminals must be handed over.
    The reason why the Ukrainians might agree is Biden’s weakness. There would of course be no need to do such a crappy deal if a Ron Reagan/Roger Wicker type was running the show.

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