Russia has imposed sanctions against 200 US citizens. Among them are Biden’s sister and brothers.

The Russian Foreign Ministry added 200 more US citizens to the sanctions list, including the sister and two brothers of President Joe Biden – Valerie Owens, James and Francis Biden. This was reported on the website of the department.

Russian sanctions also included White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, American officials, legislators, their close relatives, heads of companies and enterprises of the military-industrial complex, “experts and lobbyists involved in promoting the Russophobic campaign and supporting the regime in Kyiv.”

All those included in the list are prohibited from entering the territory of Russia. According to the ministry, the restrictions were introduced in response to US sanctions against Russian officials, businessmen and cultural figures.

The total number of US citizens subject to Russian sanctions has reached 1,073. Earlier, against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent Western sanctions, the Russian Foreign Ministry  banned Joe Biden himself, his wife Jill, son Hunter and daughter Ashley from entering the country.

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  1. “All those included in the list are prohibited from entering the territory of Russia.”

    I can see the tears of laughter coming out of those unfortunate enough to be sanctioned by the scum.

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